Resonance FM 16/10/18 (Le Guess Who II)

Last night was the second of two episodes previewing Utrecht's Le Guess Who festival. The line up is ludicrously good and rich with surprises and wonders from all around the world, so it was some headache selecting just one hour's worth of music to air over these two episodes. I kicked off this show with a song I'd already played twice in previous episodes, 'Ever New' by Beverly Glenn-Copeland. I followed with two (very different) guitar based tracks by Cindy Lee and Sibusile Xaba, before playing two (very different) synth based tracks by Islam Chipsy and Tirzah. I closed the show with the same artist who will likely close my festival weekend, Swamp Dogg! Le Guess Who runs November 8-11 in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Dig That Treasure (16/10/18)
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Ever New
Cindy Lee - Power & Possession
Sibusile Xaba - Open Letter To Adoniah
Islam Chipsy & EEK - El Bawaba
Tirzah - Holding On
Swamp Dogg - Star Dust

Resonance FM 9/10/18

I'm changing things a little... I don't like speaking on air, particularly, and so I'm only going cut the chat right down. I'll introduce the show at the beginning and provide contact details/news/upcoming events at the end. In between will be solid tunes (with artist and track title provided). This was the first week of doing so - I kicked off with a rendition of Coloney Bogey March by 周聰、呂紅 before spinning tunes by Yeshimebet Dubale (yet again!), the bonkers and inimitable Superstar & Star, the jazz-trained Larry Chernicoff and the jazz-breaking Foodman. I closed the show with my favourite new song, Hayley by Jockstrap, who'll be joining me in the studio on November 20th.

Dig That Treasure (9/10/18)
周聰、呂紅 - 快樂進行曲
Yeshimebet Dubale & Kenedy Mengesha - Dabes
Superstar & Star - I Ain't Missing You
Larry Chernicoff - Wind Horses
Foodman - Jazz
Jockstrap - Hayley

Resonance FM 2/10/18 (Le Guess Who)

Last night was the first of two episodes previewing Utrecht's Le Guess Who? festival. It's been hard selecting just 2x 30 minute shows' worth of music as the line-up is completely rammed with stuff I'm excited to see, but I feel I've done the line-up justice with this first episode (and the second which is to come in a fortnight). I kicked off the show in energetic fashion with a track from Louisiana bounce artist Katey Red before slipping into something a little more comfortable with tunes by Shintaro Sakamoto and Kate NV. Next was a duo of solo female artists, the first being New York's Eartheater and the second the inimitable Vashti Bunyan. I closed the show with a new tune by Ethiopian legend Hailu Mergia. Le Guess Who runs November 8-11 in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Dig That Treasure (2/10/18)
Katey Red - Where Da Melph At
Shintaro Sakamoto - Birth Of The Super Cult
Kate NV - Kata
Eartheater - Youniverse
Vashti Bunyan - Gunpowder
Hailu Mergia - Lala Belu

Resonance FM 25/9/18 (Kiran Leonard II)

On this week's episode I was joined by the wonderful Kiran Leonard, friend of Dig That Treasure and recent arrival in London, who play seven tunes of his choosing. What proceeded was a mix of steel-pan-infused 60s pop, Swiss coldwave, mathematic rock and Brazilian jam-outs. It was a blast - and always a pleasure to be introduced to new stuff! Kiran's new record, Western Culture, is out on October 18th on Moshi Moshi Records. He will also be touring the UK throughout October, November and December.

Dig That Treasure (25/9/18)
Garden Centre - Monster Energy
The Cake - Extroverted Introvert
Marnie Stern - Female Guitar Players Are The New Black
Inga Copeland - Smitten
Maraudeur - I Crave
Palm - Two Toes
Novos Baianos - Cosmos E Damião

Resonance FM 18/9/18

The second episode of the new series kicked off with what I would say is a perfect closer, Marios Group's 'Borungku Si Derita' (which also opened the 15 track mix I compiled for this month's Wire Magazine). Some library music by Christian Chevallier followed, before some super saccharine video-game-pop from Japanese artist Silver Forest. Some 80s mbira playing followed, before I toned it town with Happy End's luscious 'Natsu Nandesu' and Woo's 'Romantics' (LONG LIVE WOO!).

Dig That Treasure (18/9/18)
Marios Group - Borungku Si Derita
Christian Chevallier - Rosebud
Silver Forest - Tsurupettan
Stella Chiweshe - Chachimurenga
Happy End - Natsu Nandesu
Woo - Romantics

Resonance FM 11/9/18

Yet another series on Resonance FM, marking five years on the station (my first show was September 2013)! I opened the show with the same song I opened the first ever - Mort Garson's Swingin' Spathiphyllums. I then played a song by Yeshimebet Dubale (who incidentally also featured on my first episode) and an oldie from Richard Dawson. Next was a great track from an album I picked up in New York's Chinatown, then a song from Finder's Keeper's compilation Life Is Dance! I finished the show with a tribute to Sam Mehran, who passed away in July.

Dig That Treasure (11/9/18)
Mort Garson - Swingin' Spathiphyllums
Yeshimebet Dubale - Ayimeshim
Richard Dawson - I Will Kiss You Goodnight
何大傻、呂紅 - 天之嬌女
Sohail Rana - Cobra Sway
Outer Limit Recordings - Sugar Pie

Svetlana - Bali Hai

Strong contender for 'song of the year', here. This is the third track from Svetlana's EP Scorned Woman, the South Londoner's debut release. After an ambient introduction comes a meandering piano and acrobatic vocals, above a grounding beat. The refrain is incredible, as is the unpredictability of the song's structure and the eeriness of the production. It falls somewhere between Katie Dey's digital ballads and Jameszoo's electronic jazz experiments but see also, perhaps, /please/ and Laurel Halo. Demands repeat listens.

Label: n/a
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronica, Experimental Pop