Guest Post: I Am Just A Pupil presents... Evening Meditation Mix

I am very excited to share a beautifully crafted mix, put together by ambient musician I Am Just A Pupil. The project of North Carolina based Josh Clarke, I Am Just A Pupil has a prolific catalogue that stretches from the mournful Somber Songs Collection to the witty, absurd and surprisingly poignant new age of 12 Hours FULL RELAXATION (the latter featuring the remarkable standout 'Family Dollar'). The mix that Clarke has lovingly put together for Dig That Treasure! is a gorgeous production that transcends the typical song-after-song format of a traditional guest mix. Instead, Evening Meditation Mix is a seamless weaving together of anonymous instrumental samples - beautiful harp, strings and woodwind - taken from "no ID or questionable ID cassettes/mix cds from thrift stores." The result comes off as somewhere in the middle ground between The Caretaker and Virginia Astley's ambient works.

I Am Just A Pupil presents...
Evening Meditation Mix

Guest Post: Madjestic Kasual present... MOVE, NOURISH, INSPIRE BELIEF

Announcing a guest mix by the subversive and demiurgic Madjestic Kasual...

"We are Madjestic Kasual.

We’re an audiovisual lifestyle agency operating primarily through YouTube. We want people to eggsperience music in a newer way.

Our current inspiration constellation comprises five ✩stars✩: Malala Yousufzai, Lil B, Kofi Annan, Eckhart Tolle, and Elon Musk. Their auras permeate our every action - and our every sonic dispatch in turn.

This one has three underlying aims: to move, nourish and inspire belief. That’s why we called it “MOVE, NOURISH, INSPIRE BELIEF”. It’s optimised for movement, nourishment and belief inspiration.

So go and do those things and have them done to you."

- Madjestic Kasual

Madjestic Kasual presents...

Quavius - Magic Man
Willow - untitled A2
killavesi - tired of waiting (prod. hi tom)
SpaceGhostPurrp - Alize Music
JJJJOSUE - Dont think (so pink) feat. Gods Wisdom
Wintertime - Bout a Check (prod. Gold & Winter)
d’Eon - Samsung India Software Operations I
Black Kray - Baby Pink
BODYGUARD - Wēnquán (Excerpt 1)
yyu - teu
ANBU - Shawty (prod. Jiri11)
noctilucents - 哀 (prod. Organ Tapes)
Katie Dey - Fake Health
Eckhart Tolle on how to dissolve the Egoic Self through non-identification
Lorna Jane on what’s in her fridge
Visible Cloaks - Terrazzo (ft. Motion Graphics)
Pure X - Rain At Dawn
Ian Isiah - 247 (prod. Sinjin Hawke)

Furious Pig - I Don't Like Your Face

I don't like your face, I don't like-a-like your face, I don't like your face, I don't like-a-like your face, I don't like your face, I don't like-a-like your face, I don't like your face, I don't like-a-like your face, I don't like your face, I don't like-a-like your face, I don't like your face, I don't like-a-like your face, I don't like your face, I don't like-a-like your face, I don't like your face, I don't like-a-like your face, I don't like your face, I don't like-a-like your face, I don't like your face, I don't like-a-like your face.

Rough Trade Records
Year: 1981
Genre: Acapella, Punk, Non-Music, Experimental

Guest Post: Pictorial Candi presents Sunday Mood Nr.1 Mix

It's been over two years since the last guest mix was published on this blog (Otis Fodder's "Wordless Vocalizations Mix", March '14), so I'm very excited to share a new mix put together by Candelaria Saenz Valiente (Candi) of Pictorial Candi. The Warsaw-based Argentine has been on the scene for a while, formerly with noise pop outfit Paristetris and presently as Pictorial Candi - the name under which she has recently opened for Deerhoof and R. Stevie Moore. The second Pictorial Candi record was released earlier this year and is home to one of the year's best tracks, the triumphant 'Rhoda'. On this mix Candi takes us on a tour of contemporaries and classics, beginning with German transcendentalists Popol Vuh and ending with DIY queen of southern England Keel Her. Along the way we're treated to tunes by Warsaw group Xenony, Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti and Brazilian duo Gal Costa & Tim Maia.

Pictorial Candi presents...
Sunday Mood Nr.1 Mix:

Popol Vuh - Aguirre Part 1
Keel Her - Roswell
R. Stevie Moore - I See Stars
Ed Wood - Yeti Crab
Xenony - David H (Remix of "Chaos Engine" select screen theme by Richard Joseph)
Com Truise - Sundriped
Macintosh Plus - Lisa Frank 420
U.S. Girls - Navy & Cream
Lucio Battisti - Amarsi Un Po
Gal Costa & Tim Maia - Dia De Domingo
Keel Her - With Me Tonight

Mary Kay Cosmetics - Gentle On My Mind

This is the stuff this blog exists for! I found this incredible CD in Exiled Records in Portland the other day and knew I'd struck gold as soon as I started reading the liner notes. Product Music Vol 1 (the first and seemingly last volume in the 'series') is a compilation of songs from 'industrial musicals', the stage productions put on by corporations to boost morale and sense of team spirit among employees. Limited to a run of only 1000 copies, what the listener of this CD is privileged to is an experience of creepy, capitalism-at-play. Each song is an ode to a company or brand, a hymn of consumption, a song for corporate worship. The whole record is mind-boggling: Who wrote and sang these songs? How did employees react? Were the songs effective? The song featured above is one of the less sinister offerings on the album, a nonetheless eerie piece of showtune muzak, to be looped over a store's PA system until time's end.

Label: Honest-Abe Disc!
Year: 1996
Genre: Consumer Crooner, Easy-Listening, Showtunes, Muzak

I Am Just A Pupil - Family Dollar

I came across I Am Just A Pupil's tape 12 Hours FULL RELAXATION a few weeks ago when my tastes were at an intersection of glitchy, restless electronica and placid, minimalist composition. Described by label 1080p as "New Age / Comedy", the tape weaves together ambient and impressionistic music with chaotic and comedic vocal samples. Album opener is a conversation between a child and Siri, warped by vocal manipulation and set to a soundtrack of new-age pan-flutes. The album's second - and strongest - track is 'Family Dollar', a Satie-esque piece enhanced by samples of what appear to be a domestic argument and a Youtube gun review. I think Hank Hill even makes an appearance. The piece is slowly submerged in reverb, as rounds of bullets are fired and cicadas come to a rest. It is strangely affecting, the beauty of the music juxtaposed by its decontextualised violence. Balanced and thoughtful, the music reaches a sincerity that so much post-modern, web 2.0 music fails to realise. I was, and still am, very taken by this track - by how harmonious its dissonance is and how sensitive it is in its absurdity.

Label: 1080p
Year: 2015
Genre: Ambient, New Age, Electronica, Experimental, Comedy

Alem Kebede - Shemma Tal

I picked up this CD (Akelaletew) in the small and charming Kukulu Market in Edgewater, Chicago last week. The shop had about a dozen different albums stocked under the counter in a glass cabinet, and the shopkeeper guided me through the various titles. He explained to me that younger generations don't have much interest in oldies music and so was pleased and a little surprised when I pointed out the Alemayehu Eshete CD that I wanted to add to my basket. For balance I also bought a Ketema Mekonnen album (traditional music performed on krar) and the Alem Kebede album (a new release by a younger artist) featured here. This song, Shemma Tal, is the album's opener. It kicks off with a synth ostinato that pops up throughout the track and buries itself in the memory of the listener. Synthesised horns weave in and out of Kebede's vocals, themselves treated with a panned delay that makes the melody all the more mind-bending.

Label: Nahom
Year: 2015
Genre: Ethiopian pop