Svetlana - Bali Hai

Strong contender for 'song of the year', here. This is the third track from Svetlana's EP Scorned Woman, the South Londoner's debut release. After an ambient introduction comes a meandering piano and acrobatic vocals, above a grounding beat. The refrain is incredible, as is the unpredictability of the song's structure and the eeriness of the production. It falls somewhere between Katie Dey's digital ballads and Jameszoo's electronic jazz experiments but see also, perhaps, /please/ and Laurel Halo. Demands repeat listens.

Label: n/a
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronica, Experimental Pop

Yola Fatoush - Skeleton

Yola Fatoush were a duo active earlier in the decade, and one who seem to have entered some sort of permanent hiatus (it's either that or they broke up - but this is the internet, bands come and go, breaking up is old school). A quick Google search shows that most entries on the duo are dated to 2012-14. Their website domain has been bought out and is now used to sell shoes. I read Yola Fatoush as being remnants of the tail-end of a frantic and frankly absurd blog culture that lasted the best part of a decade (from 2003/4 onwards?). As I say, bands came and bands went, and still do. And here is one whose brief moment has been immortalised online; stuck in a place that existed a few years ago, both immediately recent and historically vacated. Anyway, this song is great. There are nods to 2-step (check out that rhythm) and wonky (that synth) and Gang Gang Dance art pop (the vox). It has a great pop melody and bonkers, messy production. It was remixed by PC Music powerhouse A. G. Cook who was a "newcomer" at the time (perhaps a testament to how quickly the internet moves and to how long ago 2014 feels). Big fan.

Year: 2014
Genre: Art Pop, Wonky, 2-Step, Eurobeat, Experimental

Suthep Wongkamhaeng - Chan Rak Thoe

Here's an ace song by singer Suthep Wongkamhaeng, a predominant Luk krung singer and National Artist of Thailand. This whole album is brilliant and available over at Monrakplengthai.

Label: n/a
Year: pre-1980?
Genre: Luk krung

Resonance FM 4.4.18

This was the last show in the current series... I kicked it off with Luke Temple's 'Those Kids' (which rather annoying glitched and cut out halfway through) and then played a track by Ethiopian singer Bezunesh Bekele. After that were a few favourites/classics: Syrian dabke artist Mohamed Al Ali's 'Mili Alay', Momus' postmodern outsider pop, De De Mouse's amazing sample-based electronica, and, from Indonesia, the gorgeous 'Indang Pariaman' by Samsimar.

Dig That Treasure (4/4/18)
Luke Temple - Those Kids
Bezunesh Bekele & Army Band - Yeakaleh Armanegn
Mohamed Al Ali - Mili Alay
Momus - The Charm Song
De De Mouse - Goodbye Parade
Samsimar - Indang Pariaman

Resonance FM 28.3.18

Finally played some Florin Salam on the show - it's been sometime coming! After that I played some tunes by the mysterious Alan Feanch, the Thai singer Suthep Wongkamhaeng, a collaborative Thai funk group, a new single by Blue Jazz TV, and a classic jam from Holy Shit.

Dig That Treasure (28/3/18)
Florin Salam - Hai Pahar Pahar Pahar
Alan Feanch & Cecil Wary - Amorique
Suthep Wongkamhaeng - Chan Rak Thoe
Petchubon, Uraiporn & Tin Isan - Isan Klab Tin
Blue Jazz TV - Karaoke Life (Radio Edit)
Holy Shit - Rough & Tumble

Resonance FM 21.3.18

An inadvertent Bonkers Pop Special (although isn't every episode?). Kicked off with Keel Her's cover of Robert Wyatt's classic 'Heaps Of Sheeps' and ended with an improvisation on the Star Wars theme by Blue Jazz TV, Adrian Knight's band of "lounge popsters and sophisto DIY slouches." Along the way were tunes by Belgian library musician Jacques Siroul, the wonderful Alem Kebede, Shibuya-Kei group Yukari Fresh, and London weirdo pop group Yola Fatoush.

Dig That Treasure (21/3/18)
Keel Her - Heaps Of Sheeps (Robert Wyatt cover)
Jacques Siroul - Reflets
Alem Kebede - Jemberwa
Yukari Fresh - Yippee To Kate
Yola Fatoush - Skeleton (A. G. Cook remix)
Blue Jazz TV - Theme To Star Wars

Resonance FM 14.3.18

From Niger to France to Japan, via South London, Arizona and t' north... This show featured one of my all-time favourites, Ted Chippington's 'She Loves You', alongside some other scorchers: Mdou Moctar's blues guitar + autotuned vocals, Friandises' brilliantly cheesy synth-pop, Filardo's sweet DIY pop, Horsey's theatrical indie rock, and Kidorikko's great falsetto.

Dig That Treasure (14/3/18)
Mdou Moctar - Tahoultine
Friandises - Les Moules Et Les Frites
Ted Chippington - She Loves You
Filardo - I Can Love You More
Horsey - Park Outside Your Mother's House
Kidorikko - Nikoniko's Shirokama