Adrian Knight - All The Love That Money Can Buy

Aside from his works for stage and score, for the last couple of years Adrian Knight has been producing pop music beyond the realms of the 'music blog world', releasing albums for free on Bandcamp with minimal press or promotion. Last year's Cocktail Culture was a great example, with a sound that dropped hints to 80s acts like XTC and Steely Dan and bedroom recording stars like R. Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink. Four days ago he dropped Cheap Love a record that continues where Cocktail Culture left off, if anything with more of an inclination towards soul, dream-pop and J-pop. Opening track 'All The Love That Money Can Buy' reminds me of his previous effort's opener, 'Pedini Cabinets', with unexpected chord progressions and melodies that come and go teasingly.

Label: Pink Pamphlet 
Year: 2014
Genre: Synth-Pop, Art Rock, Experimental

Back in November 2013, Adrian curated a mix of soul and r&b tracks for the blog. Check it out here

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