Gary Wilson - In The Night

Gary Wilson is one of the most curious figures in 'Outsider Music'. Fascinated by lounge music, rock n roll and The Beatles, Wilson established himself as component musician at an early age, although it was only after he became mentee to John Cage that his music took a turn for the experimental. After his 1977 debut and subsequent tours, he 'retired'. Almost thirty years later, and with fans in the likes of Beck, The Residents and The Roots, Gary Wilson returned. This song 'In The Night' - from his 2010 record Electric Endicott - is typically his. Experimental but strongly melodic, it calls out funk, lounge and noise pop to create a weirdo stew a fascinating sound. 'In The Night' particularly brings to mind R. Stevie Moore and Talking Heads, although with music this idiosyncratic comparisons seem futile!

Label: Western Vinyl
Year: 2010
Genre: 'Outsider Music', Pop, Funk, Experimental

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