Girma Tefera Kassa - Man Neber Yalanci

I'm really struggling to find information about both this artist and this song. From what I can work out, Kassa's father was a musician called Tefera Kassa, and Girma has continued his father's legacy (possibly even rerecording his songs?). There's also very little information on when this was released: I've read online that it's from the 70s, but I'm wondering whether that's when his father's version was released. Although there's a good chance this was released in the last decade, I'll label it as 'treasure'... not because of its age but rather its elusiveness. Not that any of that really matters anyway: it's all about the music! This song is fabulous, a really upbeat rhythmic track with a great raspy brass section!

Label: ?
Year: ?
Genre: Ethiopian Pop

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