Nancy Leticia - Would U Like Some Flan

Nancy Leticia is a pianist based in Vancouver whose music inhabits - but seamlessly blends - two different worlds. A formally trained pianist, she's posted videos of herself playing Chopin, Satie and Scriabin on YouTube. Yet, the music she composes herself is electronica in a similar vein to producers like Hot Sugar (who she's collaborated with in the past). Her music embraces net art, Classicism and Hypermodernism and the combination of classical influences with internet-age means produces something really beautiful; her piano playing is elegant and fluid, but the musical aesthetic belongs in the considerably 'kitsch' world of the internet. This track, 'Would u like some flan', is a perfect example of her work - an aesthetically gorgeous piece, whose lush synthesisers and modest beat build slowly and warmly.

Label: n/a
Year: 2014
Genre: Electronica, Classical

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