Resonance FM 16/7/15 (Canon)

All good (great, awesome) things must come to an end. Albeit a temporary one. This was the last episode of Dig That Treasure! on Resonance FM for the foreseeable future, at least in its current form. To celebrate, I did one of those cop-out best-of shows! Yup! Seven of my all-time favourite tunes; a selection of the best songs ever played on this show. Kicking off was the ace 'Daddy's Little Girl' by the utter mystery that is Warfield Spillers. Next up was Roberto Cacciapaglia and Ann Steel's killer collaboration 'My Time' (a total blinder) followed by a back-to-back joint of Mohamed Al-Ali's 'Mili Alay' (Syria) followed by Yeshimebet Dubale's 'I Remember A Man' (Ethiopia). Of course I had to stick an Ethiopian tune in there, and of course it was going to be one from my first ever episode... Next came the glorious Super Eccentric Theatre with 'Oh Les Beaux Japonais!', the Japanese-French hodgepodge earworm. I remained in the Asian continent for the next song, playing the gorgeous 'Prom Likit' by Thai singer Niwat Charoenmit, before closing the show with the very special (for obvious reasons) 'Dig That Treasure' by Cryptacize. Whew. What a show!

Dig That Treasure (16/7/15)
Warfield Spillers - Daddy's Little Girl
Roberto Cacciapaglia - My Time
Mohamed Al Ali - Mili Alay
Yeshimebet Dubale - I Remember A Man
Super Eccentric Theatre - Oh Les Beaux Japonais!
Niwat Charoenmit - Prom Likit
Cryptacize - Dig That Treasure

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