naran ratan - jam for bwengo

Tasty Morsels is one of the most finely curated libraries of sounds on the web, supplying numerous treats for free on their website. This year's wonderful trees etc. by naran ratan is a prime example: it has Tasty Morsels' stylised cover art, and a sound that slots it perfectly alongside the previous releases on the label, but is still distinctly its own entity. Comparisons are hard to draw but Mark Isham's 1983 solo debut Vapor Drawings or even Woo's ace When The Past Arrives from last year are about as close as I'll get. Trees etc. is only eleven minutes long, but the songs - or 'moments' - here blend seamlessly into one another, melding clarinet, synthesisers and samples of birdsong to create a warm, beautiful and memorable trip.

Label: Tasty Morsels
Year: 2015
Genre: Ambient, New-Age, Jazz, Electronica

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