The Fore Thoughts - Shahbaz Qalander

First came across this tune on Sublime Frequencies' compilation Pakistan: Folk & Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976. That such series of compilations (Folk & Pop Instrumentals), of which there have been a few, are particularly interesting because they seamlessly draw together the popular (capital P) and more traditional sounds from the chosen country. This track, probably from the early-70s, comes on the back of Beatlemania and rock 'n' roll's globalising effect. Other tunes on the compilation give more explicit nods to British rock - one band is called The Mods. 'Shahbaz Qalander' was written by film composer Sohail Rana.

Label: Columbia Pakistan / Sublime Frequencies (reissue)
Year: 196?/7? / 2011
Genre: Folk, Rock 'n' Roll

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