Resonance EXTRA 21/6/16

Last night I was back on Resonance Extra after a two month break. I span tunes from Myanmar, South Africa, Pakistan, Niger, Vietnam and Italy, covering a whole lot of stylistic ground along the way. I started with a live version of an old favourite, Aster Aweke's 'Segno', and ended on a track from Let's Eat Grandma's brand new debut record, released only on Friday. Other highlights included Nedelle Torrisi's raw new track 'Cathartica', The Fore Thoughts' slick rock n roll, Roy & Roe's Hawaiian funk, Maxo's glitched out semi-love song 'Not That Bad', Pastor TL Barrett's powerful gospel and Naked City's rapid, style-a-second 'Speedfreaks'. I also dropped a mix from my parody dance alter ego DJ Kurt Vonnegut.

Resonance EXTRA (21/6/16)
Aster Aweke - Segno (live)
Jake Thackray - Lah Di Dah
Avi Zahner - She's Leaving Home
Irama Trio - Bengawan Solo
Lil Data - Wondercoin Pt. 1
Naked City - Speedfreaks
DJ 光光光 - Beats From... Banaspati
Roy & Roe - Just Don't Come Back
K Leimer - Ceylon
Lewis - Even Rainbows Turn Blue
Phong Thuyet Nguyen - Ly Ngua O
Julian Lynch - North Line
Phong Thuyet Nguyen - Cum Num Cum Niu
~ DJ Kurt Vonnegut ~
Deerhoof - Green Cosmos
Conlon Nancarrow - Study For Player Piano No. 2
三毛猫ホームレス x happy machine - ペパーミント脱走計画
Dux Kidz - Nightspeeder
Zinja Hlungwani - N'wagezani
DJ Rashad - Petrone In My Cup
Perfume - 時の針
Eartheater - Homonyms
Nedelle Torrisi - Cathartica
The Fore Thoughts - Shahbaz Qalander
Kyaw Thet Aung - Min Hnitpar Pwe Taw
Lil Data - Wondercoin Pt. 2
Maxo - Not That Bad (feat. GFOTY)
Hama - Torodi
Unknown - Untitled
Piero Umiliani - Sophisticated Lady
Ludus - My Cherry Is In Sherry
Pastor TL Barrett - Nobody Knows
/please/ - Phantom Fireworks
Let's Eat Grandma - Chimpanzees In Canopies

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