Resonance FM 1/11/17

This episode kicked off with a creepy and light-hearted (I guess?) Mormon anthem by Janeen Brady. I followed with a diverse bunch, from Ethiopian oldie Bahta Gebre Hiwot and American Primitive guitarist Suni McGrath to Arabic synth-jam 'Khabarie' by Ihssan El Munzer and the classic 'Sparkling World' by Roberto Caccipaglia and Ann Steel. I also played two tracks by new female producers AMAZONDOTCOM (Los Angeles) and Audrey/Svetlana (South East London). Tickets for Aldous RH, Wharfwhit and Kiran Leonard at Paper Dress Vintage still available here.

Dig That Treasure (1/11/17)
Janeen Brady - I'm A Mormon
Bahta Gebre Hiwot - Tigrigna
Suni McGrath - Pea Plucker's Pavane
AMAZONDOTCOM - Ra Ra Raspberry
Audrey/Svetlana - Chanel Afterparty
Ihssan El Munzer - Khabarie
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sparkling World

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