Slow Dance Radio 24/6/19

Back at Slow Dance Radio for a fifth time. Playing the standard mix of old favourites and recent discoveries, ranging from a recording I made at this year's Cambridge Sacred Harp all-dayer, one-legged Angolan dance maverick Costuleta, German private press artist Siegmar Fricke, and experimental-music-composer-cum-radical-mass-song-writer Cornelius Cardew.

Dig That Treasure (24/6/19)
Sacred Harp Cambridge - 107 Russia
HИИ Косметики - Счастлив
Stereolab - Baby Lulu
DJ Jacob - Attalakou Mega
Costuleta - Mama Kudi
Saeko Suzuki - Good Morning
Eric Fabrizi - Can't Stop Thinking About You
Rodeo Jones - Aberdeen
Siegmar Fricke - Plastic Music
bo en - Sometimes
Zaidan Ibrahim - Ma Hammak Azabna
Kandia Kouyate - Sadjougoulé
Khana Bierbood - Starshine
Aron Abraham - Hiwet Haftey
Nora Bumbiere - Dūdieviņš
Cornelius Cardew - British Imperialism

Audio playback not available at this time! Will try and get it sorted ASAP.

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