Resonance FM 17/9/19

Episode two of the new series kicked off with a tribute to the late Daniel Johnston, whose untimely passing last week broke the hearts of musicians, writers and fans everywhere. An atypically cheery and punchy DJ song was followed by a duo of tunes from Orientalising Europeans - Finis Africae, the Spanish project that drew from "African" musics, and Dutch new age artist Cybe who had an interest-of-sorts in Asian cultures. Great tunes though. Next up was a post-punk banger from Glintshake, the (other) project of Russian musician Kate NV (catch her at King's Place this Friday). Ending the show was some joyous soukous courtesy of Congo's Empire Bakuba.

Dig That Treasure (17/9/19)
Daniel Johnston - Love Will See You Through
Finis Africae - Los Colores De Mis Botas
Cybe - Zen-Zai
Glintshake - Мой Новый Стиль
Empire Bakuba et Pepe Kalle - Jeudi Noir

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