Resonance FM 7/1/20

New year, new series! 2020 kicked off with a bang with Senegalese singer Souleymane Faye, followed by a duo of tunes by one of my favourite bands ever Woo, followed by some Hong Kong soul-pop, followed by a couple of video game soundtracks, finishing with a tune from somewhere - I don't know where. Great songs, great time. Tune in below and enjoy.

Dig That Treasure (7/1/20)
Souleymane Faye - Teylulen
Woo - All Is Well
Woo - How Does Sound Travel
Stella Chee - 天涯海角要找你 (The End of the World Is Looking For You)
Marble Madness OST - Silly Race
MilkCan - Keep Your Head Up
Mogontafe Sacko - Mogontafe Sacko

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