Resonance FM 17/11/20

Kicked off with a bouncy, springy load of poing from DJ Shoe on Air Max 97's Decisions label before spinning Yugoslavian "mountain drone," Momus's squeaky sorrowful 'Widow Twanky', some more Henry Cow, contemporary Ethiopian pop and some Colombian cumbia. To close, I played Joousama's bonker Queen medley.

Dig That Treasure (17/11/20)
DJ Shoe - Poing
Kula Vavilonska - Monasi Projkletija VI
Momus - Widow Twanky
Henry Cow - War
Geremew Gualu - Sim Alew Gonder
Gerardo Sanson & Fred McDonald - Danza Negra
Joousama - Joousamamonogatari

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