Guest Post: Adrian Knight presents Intimate Friends Mix

Responsible for some of my favourite music this year, Adrian Knight is a shapeshifting composer whose oeuvre includes music for stage, minimal jazz and this year's Steely-Dan-meets-Ariel-Pink Cocktail Culture. For this guest post, Adrian has compiled a selection of his favourite Soul and R&B tracks from 1957-1990, including early Prince and 80s-era John Cale alongside Motown classics like Tina Turner and Eddie Kendricks.

Adrian Knight presents...
Intimate Friends Mix:

Johnny Dupont - Ebb And Tide
Eddie Kendricks - Intimate friends
Barbara Lewis - Hello Stranger
Don Cherry - I Look For A Love
Johnnie And Joe - My Baby's Gone On, On
Don Cherry - Big Bad Wolf
Diana Ross - Let's Go Up
Tina Turner - Typical Male
John Cale - Villa Albani
Gloria Jones - Bring On the Love (Why Can't We Be Friends Again?)
Prince - In Love
Four Tops - Still Water

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