Resonance FM 24/3/20 (Litter Frog)

We may be on lockdown but I'll still try and bring guests onto the show! This week I had the brilliant Kurdish-British multimedia artist and noise-maker Litter Frog. She put together a twenty-minute mix of cutting-edge electronic and experimental music, featuring brand new tunes from the likes of Rouble and JuniorXL. Follow @litterfrog on Instagram or check out her portfolio site.

Dig That Treasure (24/3/20)
Chris Speed - Dog Hair
Loraine James - ALB19 10
Rouble - Tatlong Bibe Finger
Sugai Ken, Ben Vince & Andrew Pekler - Crape Myrtle MSTR
JuniorXL - Ferogoblin
Babyfather - Bubble

Resonance FM 10/3/20

Really happy with the selections here - I kicked of with the great Japanese folk group Kaeru-moku, stopped off by Russian avant-gardist Leonid Fedorov, Taiwanese bit-popper Joanna Wang, Malian disco singer Niama Makalou and US experimentalists Blanche Blanche Blanche before closing with an old French-language Julia Holter recording.

Dig That Treasure (10/3/20)
かえる目 (Kaeru-moku) - 拝借 (Borrow)
Леонид Фёдоров (Leonid Fedorov) - Музыка моя (My Music)
Леонид Фёдоров (Leonid Fedorov) - Старец (Elder)
Joanna Wang - You And Me
Niama Makalou & African Soul Band - Kognokoura
Blanche Blanche Blanche - Look At Me Now
Blanche Blanche Blanche - Why The Candle Burns
Julia Shammas Holter - Je Vivroie Liement

Resonance FM 3/3/2020

Started with a kazoo-orchestra(/choir?) version of 'Teddy Bears' Picnic' and ended with a solemn electronic-choral interpretation of Bach's 'Erbarm dich mein, oh Herre Gott'. How do you travel from one pole to another in five songs? Via Copenhagen experimentalist Panxing, Karena Marie's Del Shannon cover, two examples of house-inspired African music (one Angolan, the other South African), and a traditional Romanian tune. That's how.

Dig That Treasure (3/3/20)
Piggleswick Folk - Teddy Bears' Picnic
Panxing - Reveal
Karena Marie - Runaway
Costuleta - Que Me Mata
New Jack City - Abiba
Alla Baianova - Chiar De-a Fost
Arandel - Hysope

Resonance FM 25/2/20

From messy collage to keyboard meditation, via Bulgaria, Indonesia, Japan and Ethiopia. Lots of variety here, so tune in and tants!

Dig That Treasure (25/2/20)
People Like Us & Wobbly - Understanding You
Margarita Hranova - Tants
Tuty Subardjo - Turun Kebawah
Yanti Bersaudara - Bunga Mawar
Keyboard - Ojima
Yumi Murata - 落椿~らくちん~
Demere Legesse - Balezena