Resonance FM 25/5/21

Wonderful tunes from Palestine, Japan (via Portland), Tanzania and Georgia, as well as a cut from the new Aaron Space EP - out on Dig That Treasure Records now - and a new one from Famous via untitled (recs). Skip to 16:48 for the most mesmerising vocal groove ever courtesy of the Bantu Wagogo tribe.

Dig That Treasure (25/5/21)
Al-Bara'em - Tareeq
Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings - Big Trouble
Jun Arasaki & Nine Sheep - Kajyadhi Fu Bushi (Visible Cloaks Remix)
The Wagogo Tribe of Tanzania - Gago Ga Kwimba
Gomar Sikharulidze - ???
Famous - The Beatles

Resonance FM 18/5/21

Kicked off with another early-10s fave that has since disappeared off the face of the cyber-earth: Cooltombs. A New Paltz noise duo consisting of Nolan and Paris. That was the case back ten years or so ago, at least. Following that was some Sacred Harp, as is an irregular custom. Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou of Niger via Sahel Sounds provided a swinging Tuareg guitar-synth-drum machine jam and the one-and-only Masahiro Takahashi was reliably meditative before a slice of "hypnotic Indonesian pop" from Itoh Masyitoh and Rineka Swara. I closed the show with some Palestinian dabke music as felt apt.

Dig That Treasure (18/5/21)
Cooltombs - Feel It In Your Bones
The Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers - The Father's Boundless Love
Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou - Anou Malane
Masahiro Takahashi - Frog Into The Pond
Itoh Masyitoh & Rineka Swara - Naon Margina
El Dalaaona - Best Palestinian Dabke Pt 8

Resonance FM 11/5/21

BLAMMO. Burmese pop. Dean "Question Mark" Blunt. Pipe Organ covers of Northern Soul, Happy Hardcore and Black Metal classics. Sweeping, pulsating synths. Somali funk. ALL of the above.

Dig That Treasure (11/5/21)
Soe Sandar Tun - The Girl Who Ran Away From Love
Dean Blunt/Various Artists/??? - Muggy
Andrew Macintosh And Stuart Muir - Open The Door To Your Heart
John Riley - Heart Of Gold
Andrew Macintosh - Alsvartr (The Oath)
Simon Dobson - Quiet, Pls
Iftin - Ii Ooy Aniga (Cry For Me)

Resonance FM 4/5/21 (DTT Speechless V)

The fifth instalment of DTT Speechless, the semi regular series in which I shut up and play mostly ambient, lounge and easy-listening (and not so easy-listening) music. This was maybe the least conventional or true-to-the-rules episode I've done: 'Ax Amores' isn't particularly relaxing or "easy" and 'Tula Baba' is entirely vocal. But they suit the remit in form and thought. And I'm allowed to constantly move the goalposts so long as I (and you) enjoy the tunes.

Dig That Treasure (4/5/21)
Paul de Jong - It's Only About Sex
Elysia Crampton - Ax Amores
Timur Sel├žuk - Bengiz
National Youth Choir of Namibia - Tula Baba
Iceblink - Healer
Sven Libaek - Touching Hands
Tamanco Malandrinho - Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos
Dorothy Collins & Raymond Scott - Singin' In The Rain
Mamman Sani - Five Hundred Miles