Resonance FM 25/12/19

Belatedly, Merry Christmas!

Dig That Treasure (25/12/19)
The Christmas Jug Band - Mistletoe Jam
Jun Togawa - Nativity
The Esso Trinidad Steel Band - O Holy Night
Melaku Markos - Des Yibelen
Romanian carol
The Musigals - Sleigh Ride
The Musigals - White Christmas
Torkelsen - Christmas

Resonance FM 17/12/19

The last show in the current series featured music from India, Bulgaria, Ivory Coast, Italy and Ethiopia. I kicked off with a song I discovered via Shazam in my local cornershop, before playing a favourite of Robert Wyatt's, an Awesome Tapes From Africa release from earlier this year, genius electronic composition by Oliver Buckland, Italian library funk, and Ethiopia's most distinctive voice. A one-off show will be broadcast on Christmas Day at 11:30pm, before I return with a new series in January.

Dig That Treasure (17/12/19)
Chinmayi & D. Imman - Aiythaaney
Kalinka Vulcheva - Ostana Kera, Kleto Sirache
Antoinette Konan - M'acko
Oliver Buckland - Microchip
Paolo Casa - Hi Vi
Yeshimebet Dubale - ምን ብለኸኝ ነበር

Resonance FM 10/12/19

A stacked episode here, with eight songs from all of the place - Ghanaian techno, sea shanties, Italian erotica, Moldovan pop-folk, Ethiopian jams, US underground acapella. Listen now!

Dig That Treasure (10/12/19)
DJ Katapila - Aroo
Sam Eskin - A Shanty-Man's Life
Sam Eskin - Johnny Comes Down To Hilo
Claudio Mattone - Arioso
Claudio Mattone - L'Addio Di Sonia
Latsy Dashkenti - Mar, Dyandya
Tamrat Molla - Ene Yewodedquat
Lily Konigsberg - Rock And Sin

Resonance FM 3/12/19

Another episode with minimal chatter, thanks to a flu and lost voice. Still, six great tunes, starting with London experimentalist Litter Frog's 'Vampire' (catch her at Cafe OTO in February). Following that, four uninterrupted tunes back to back, from the toy music of French artist Klimperei to Ted Chippington's deadpan parody via fantastic Somalian singer Hibo Nuura and Lithunanian group Kopų Balsai. I finished the show with the full eleven minutes of Bezawork Asfaw's beautiful 'Tezeta'. Listen below, now!

Dig That Treasure (3/12/19)
Litter Frog - Vampire ft. Jodie Granger
Klimperei - Lapin Meimei
Hibo Nuura - Bartamaha Hees
Kopų Balsai - Jeigu Meile Tiki
Ted Chippington - Atmosphere
Bezawork Asfaw - Tezeta

Resonance FM 26/11/19

A classic Dig That Treasure live show featuring music from Japan, Finland, Indonesia and South Africa, as well as friend of the show Adrian Knight. I also played a song that had been sent to me by post - Pink Shabab's 'If Only I Could Hold You One More Time'. A fantastic song and the opener of Pink Shabab's album Ema By The Sea released this Friday.

Dig That Treasure (26/11/19)
Omoide Hatoba - C.T.I.
Pink Shabab - If Only I Could Hold You One More Time
Adrian Knight - Backup Lady (Everybody Gets Handed Down)
Grykë Pyje - A Glitch In The Jungle
Group Rineka Gaya - Yang Paling Enak
Ayobayo Band - Homeless Man

Resonance FM 19/11/19 (DTT Speechless IV)

DTT Speechless round four. Thirty minutes of uninterrupted ambient, new age and non-lyrical music: this week I played a song from each of my five favourite records of this particular description. Perfect for reading and meditating to!

Dig That Treasure (19/11/19)
Virginia Astley - Morning: With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
naran ratan - fanfare for naran ratan
Woo - Satya
Ernest Hood - At The Store
The Caretaker - Libet's Delay

Resonance FM 12/11/19

A typically eclectic show including music from Japan, Indonesia and Mali. Am currently planning exciting shows for the weeks to come, so watch this space...

Dig That Treasure (12/11/19)
Shoukichi Kina - Jing Jing
Shoukichi Kina - Haisai Ojisan
Endah Laras - Rasaku Marang Sliramu
Galen Tipton - Touch (ft. Holly Waxwing & Giant Claw)
Dux Kidz - Nightspeeder (ft. William)
Doussou Bagayoko - Taman
Jenny Hval - Ashes To Ashes

Resonance FM 5/11/19 (Le Guess Who? IV)

This was the fourth and final episode previewing Le Guess Who? Festival 2019. Six absolute wonders from artists playing the festival - from Mali, Ethiopia and the Netherlands.

Dig That Treasure (5/11/19)
Holly Herndon - Frontier
The Ex - Militant
Ahmed Ag Kaedy - Imetawan
Arp Frique - Farfisa
Ayalew Mesfin - Hasabe
Deerhoof - Whither The Invisible Birds

Resonance FM 29/10/19 (Le Guess Who? III - DNA? AND?)

Tonight was part three of four of Dig That Treasure's Le Guess Who festival preview. For this episode I had the wonderful privilege of collaborating with Harald of DNA? AND?, a Norwegian improv project consisting of children with Down's Syndrome and professional musicians. Harald selected and introduced a few of the group's tracks, discussing the group's origins as a workshop series and the musicality of the group's children. Listen below.

Dig That Treasure (29/10/19)
DNA? AND? - Oh Yeah, Baby
DNA? AND? - Unruh
DNA? AND? - Shoshia Woochiouway
DNA? AND? - Intsimin Tsawkampetchuo

Resonance FM 25/10/19 (Daniel Johnston Tribute)

As well as the regular half-hour show, this week I presented a special hour-long tribute to the late Daniel Johnston. Over the course of the hour I hosted live performances from the always-stunning Martha Skye Murphy (with guest Felix Stephens on cello), the anarchic Brad (Baby Blue Aura) and George (Mice On Mars), and record-holding three-time guest Kiran Leonard. The performances were brilliant and each highlighted a different side of Johnston's music - we had loud and quiet, tender and chaotic, sad and funny... A huge thanks to all the guests for making it a special evening. Check the show out below!

Dig That Treasure (25/10/19)
Daniel Johnston - Grievances
Martha Skye Murphy - Cathy Cline (live in studio)
Martha Skye Murphy - Some Things Last A Long Time (live in studio)
Martha Skye Murphy - Devil Town (live in studio)
Daniel Johnston - Silly Love
Daniel Johnston - Evening Stars
Daniel Johnston - I Will
Brad + George - Don't Play Cards With Satan (live in studio)
Brad + George - Funeral Home (live in studio)
Daniel Johnston - High Horse
Daniel Johnston - Mountain Top
Kiran Leonard - Lullaby (live in studio)
Kiran Leonard - Oh No (live in studio)
Daniel Johnston - Life In Vain
Daniel Johnston - Worried Shoes

Resonance FM 22/10/19 (Le Guess Who? II - Grupo Pilon)

The second in Dig That Treasure's Le Guess Who? preview. This week Tony from Cape Verdean band Grupo Pilon took over the show, selecting five of his favourite Cape Verdean songs. It's a great collection of tunes - check it out below! Le Guess Who? takes place in Utrecht from the 7th to 10th of November. Remaining tickets can be found here.

Dig That Treasure (22/10/19)
Paulino Vieira - Prece Di um Tidjo
Bana - Canta Cu Alma Magoada
Tulipa Negra - Corpo Limpo
Tubaroes - Djonsinho Cabral
Bulimundo - Brageru

Resonance FM 15/10/19 (Le Guess Who?)

Tonight was the first of three episodes previewing Le Guess Who? festival (7-11th November). I played amazing tunes from artists appearing on the bill, from Greece to India, via Cape Verde, Norway and Somalia. Next week's episode sees Cape Verdean band Grupo Pilon take over the show. The following week's follows the same premise, with Norwegian collective DNA? AND? taking over the show.

Dig That Treasure (15/10/19)
Isokratisses - Ξενιτεμένο μου πουλί - πολυφωνικό
Grupo Pilon - St'a Contente
Vilde Tuv - Cellevevet
The Raincoats - Family Treet
Dur-Dur Band - Hayeelin
Asha Puthli - Hari Om

Resonance FM 8/10/19

Tunes from Afghanistan, Poland and Ethiopia, as well as a little celebration of the eccentric rapper Danny Brown - spinning two of the finest tunes to have been sampled in his music.

Dig That Treasure (8/10/19)
Syrinx - Aurora Spinray
Ahmad Zahir - Bahar E Man Azar As Now
Piotr Kurek - Becoming Light
Georges Teperino - Minor Mind
Roha Band - Ferait Weyni
Embryo - People From Out The Space

Resonance FM 1/10/19

Interesting bunch here, ranging from Sweden to Ethiopia to Tajikistan to Felixstowe. Closed with a new one from London artist Hogarth.

Dig That Treasure (1/10/19)
Siw Malmkvist & Umberto Marcato - Sole Sole Sole
Rimarimba - Pacific
Rimarimba - From 6 To 13
Muluken Melesse - Lakilign
Khurmo Shirinova - Paidot Kardam
Hogarth - Chin Up And Smile

Resonance FM 24/9/19 (The Golden Dregs)

This week had the pleasure of airing a session by Falmouth-via-London artist The Golden Dregs. The session was sandwiched between tunes from Emmanuelle Marcellin (France), Mareshal DJ (Ivory Coast) and Natalie Rose LeBrecht (USA). The Golden Dregs play at SET in Dalston on Friday (27th September).

Dig That Treasure (24/9/19)
Emmanuelle Marcellin - Monsieur Bizarre
Mareshal DJ ft. Serge Beynaud - Maman Leki
The Golden Dregs - Nobody Ever Got Rich [pre-recorded session]
The Golden Dregs - Life Aquatic [pre-recorded session]
The Golden Dregs - Clarksdale [pre-recorded session]
Natalie Rose LeBrecht - Ocean Of Ah

Resonance FM 17/9/19

Episode two of the new series kicked off with a tribute to the late Daniel Johnston, whose untimely passing last week broke the hearts of musicians, writers and fans everywhere. An atypically cheery and punchy DJ song was followed by a duo of tunes from Orientalising Europeans - Finis Africae, the Spanish project that drew from "African" musics, and Dutch new age artist Cybe who had an interest-of-sorts in Asian cultures. Great tunes though. Next up was a post-punk banger from Glintshake, the (other) project of Russian musician Kate NV (catch her at King's Place this Friday). Ending the show was some joyous soukous courtesy of Congo's Empire Bakuba.

Dig That Treasure (17/9/19)
Daniel Johnston - Love Will See You Through
Finis Africae - Los Colores De Mis Botas
Cybe - Zen-Zai
Glintshake - Мой Новый Стиль
Empire Bakuba et Pepe Kalle - Jeudi Noir

Resonance FM 10/9/19

After a short break I'm back for series #17835128457214 of Dig That Treasure on Resonance FM. And nothing's changed! The same clumsy, ill-prepared presenting, and the same eclectic mix of tunes - best you'll hear anywhere. Like every show, this one was packed with amazing tracks: from People Like Us' sample cacophony to the fictional orchestral chatter of Doopees, making stops at Gabon, Afghanistan, the US, and Ethiopia along the way.

Dig That Treasure (10/9/19)
People Like Us & Wobbly - Music For The Fire
Surprise - Ogoue
Wajiha Rastagar - Zori
Ana Roxanne - I'm Every Sparkly Woman
Tadesse Alemu - የአውዳመት ቀን
Doopees - Some Day, That Place In Time

Resonance FM 16/7/19

Tunes from Pakistan, Ethiopia and the Soviet Union as well as a very special cover of 'God Only Knows'. 

Dig That Treasure (16/7/19)
Middle Georgia Singing Convention No. 1 - Bells Of Love
Sohail Rana - Shawa Bhai Shawa
Reg Tilsley & His Players - Aneka
Mafi & Muller - Lek Endene
Aquarium - Tibetan Tango (Аквариум - Тибетское Танго)
Oshwa - Celestial Bodies
Toru & Kojima - God Only Knows

Resonance FM 9/7/19

Music from Comoros, Netherlands, Japan, Denmark and Guadeloupe as well as the mysterious Connie Converse and a beautiful track by Bill Wells.

Dig That Treasure (9/7/19)
Groupe Still Waters - Zerenion (Le Géranium)
Harry Merry - Village Life In 1905
Shohjo-Tai - Darlin' With My Life
Erika de Casier - Little Bit
Les Rapaces - Tumbélé Wai Sé Éma
Connie Converse - Trouble
Bill Wells - Lemondale

Resonance FM 2/7/19

Ten songs across thirty minutes. Four (under 80 seconds each) from Lily & Horn Horse. A dose of steel-pan funk, some Portuguese fado, Guinean pop-folk, a sprinkling of Platonica Erotica and a bit of anime soundtracking. I ended this show with a magnificent, climactic, pitiful, beautiful, hideous, phenomenal, appalling rendition of 'New York, New York' by Ken DeFeudis.

Dig That Treasure (2/7/19)
John Gibbs and the Unlimited Sound of Steel Orchestra - Brazil
Lily & Horn Horse - Next To Me 1
Lily & Horn Horse - Useless Room 1
Lily & Horn Horse - Checkers
Lily & Horn Horse - Next To Me 2
Oumou Dioubate - Ladiya
Platonica Erotica - Sillyspringsong
Ercilia Costa - O Meu Filho
Kazuhiko Izu - Flying Plate
Ken DeFeudis - New York, New York

Resonance FM 25/6/19

A great episode, this, featuring a rare Somalian bootleg, a Turkmen folk performance, some Jamaican doo-wop, Italian lounge pop, Norwegian indie-pop and an Argentina-via-Poland earworm.

Dig That Treasure (25/6/19)
Libaaxyada Maaweeliska Banaadir - Naga Tag, Kac Hooyaa
??? - Dutar Performance
Chuck & Dobby - I Love My Teacher
Amedeo Tomassi - Lavoro Sereno
Remington Super 60 - The Highway Again
Pictorial Candi - Rhoda

Slow Dance Radio 24/6/19

Back at Slow Dance Radio for a fifth time. Playing the standard mix of old favourites and recent discoveries, ranging from a recording I made at this year's Cambridge Sacred Harp all-dayer, one-legged Angolan dance maverick Costuleta, German private press artist Siegmar Fricke, and experimental-music-composer-cum-radical-mass-song-writer Cornelius Cardew.

Dig That Treasure (24/6/19)
Sacred Harp Cambridge - 107 Russia
HИИ Косметики - Счастлив
Stereolab - Baby Lulu
DJ Jacob - Attalakou Mega
Costuleta - Mama Kudi
Saeko Suzuki - Good Morning
Eric Fabrizi - Can't Stop Thinking About You
Rodeo Jones - Aberdeen
Siegmar Fricke - Plastic Music
bo en - Sometimes
Zaidan Ibrahim - Ma Hammak Azabna
Kandia Kouyate - Sadjougoulé
Khana Bierbood - Starshine
Aron Abraham - Hiwet Haftey
Nora Bumbiere - Dūdieviņš
Cornelius Cardew - British Imperialism

Audio playback not available at this time! Will try and get it sorted ASAP.

Resonance FM 18/6/19

I kicked off this show with a bonkers collab between Banny Grove and Jennifer Vanilla, before stopping off at Malian kora player Kandia Kouyate (lovely tune!), Ukrainian ambient dark-wave folk artist Svitlana Nianio (also a lovely tune!) and Haruomi Hosono's 'Pleocene' (also also a lovely tune!!). I closed the show with a live version of "Blue" Gene Tyranny's 'Next Time Might Be Your Time'. Oh yeah!

Dig That Treasure (18/6/19)
Banny Grove & Jennifer Vanilla - Long Distance Call
Kandia Kouyate - Sadjougoulé
Svitlana Nianio - Spotkanie
Haruomi Hosono - Pleocene
"Blue" Gene Tryanny - Next Time Might Be Your Time (Live, Trust In Rock)

Resonance FM 11/6/19 (Antonis Rousounelos II)

Popular guest Antonis Rousouenlos returned to the show to lead a tour of the Greek Islands, playing music from the '20s to the present.

Dig That Treasure (11/6/19)
Αντώνης Διαμαντίδης - Μπάλος Ματζόρε Μανές (Antonis Diamantidis - Balos Matzore Manes)
Γιώργος Κουτσουρέλης - Αρμενοχωριανός Συρτός (Yorgos Koutsourelis - Armenoxorianos Sirtos)
Στάθης Κουκουλάρης - Κυκλαδίτικος Μπάλος (Stathis Koukoularis - Kikladitikos Balos)
Αντώνης Μαρτσάκης - Πεντοζάλι (Antonis Martsakis - Pentozali)
Θεολόγος Γρύλλης - Θαλασσάκι (Theologos Grillis - Thalassaki) 
Νικος Οικονομίδης - Ικαριώτικος Παλαιός (Nikos Oikonomidis - Ikariotikos Palios)
Νίκος Γράψας - Κοντραμπατζήδες (Nikos Grapsas - Kontrabatzides)

Resonance FM 4/6/19

Music from Azerbaijan (courtesy of Mountain Of Tongues), Taiwanese singer Louise Tsuei, and some Maltese għana music. Also, the first appearance of my #1 favourite band, Dirty Projectors.

Dig That Treasure (4/6/19)
Rüstəm Quliyev - Qəmərim
Amirani Nekerauli - Tush Balalaika Melody
Dirty Projectors - Nevermind
Louise Tsuei - 愛的路上我和你
Andre Tschaskowski - Sentimental View 2 & Emotional Tesnsion 2
? - Iz-zaqqieq
Kelora - All I Want Is You

Resonance FM 28/5/19

This episode featured a recording I made at April's Cambridge Sacred Harp all-dayer, as well as a couple of tunes from the recently announced Le Guess Who? Festival bill, and an unheard Jerkcurb tune.

Dig That Treasure (28/5/19)
Musique Chienne - Etre En Vie
Khana Bierbood - Starshine (แสงดาว)
Ayalew Mesfin - Bel Belew
Nancy Kerr - Gan Tan The Kye / Peacock Followed The Hen
Cambridge Sacred Harp All-Dayer 2019 - 107 Russia
Saeko Suzuki - Good Morning
Mualusie - Malamulele Sukubeza
Jerkcurb - Daddy's Little Girl

Resonance FM 21/5/19 (DTT Speechless III)

Third instalment of DTT Speechless. Does what it says on the tin - Dig That Treasure that is both absent of speech and will leave you speechless.

Dig That Treasure (21/5/19)
Drinks - Blue From The Dark
Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument - Wegene
Larry Chernicoff - Woodstock, New York
"Blue" Gene Tyranny - Leading A Double Life
Toshi Ichiyanagi - Aria: 1 Japanese Ballad
Grocery Store Music - Sounds For The Supermarket 5
Abdellah M. Hassak - 7 Heavens

Resonance FM 14/5/19

A selection of tunes from my CD collection - from Jun Togawa to Matt Fishbeck via Drew Price, Kennedi Mengesha and Shelley Duvall.

Dig That Treasure (14/5/19)
Jun Togawa - It Hurts To Say Goodbye
Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle - Game Plan
Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle - Bright Castle
Kennedi Mengesha & Yeshimebet Dubale - Alkedahim Bilesh
Shelley Duvall - He Needs Me
Matt Fishbeck - You Made My Dreams Come True

Resonance FM 7/5/19

Really enjoyable episode, this! Rare old-time depressive pop, Malian autotune, Jacqueline Humbert's amazing 'Distant Space', American-Japanese ambience straight from RVNG Records, Italian synth pop and an absolute stonker of a song from Latvian singer Nora Bumbiere.

Dig That Treasure (7/5/19)
Leslie Scott - I Hate Myself Every Morning
Zikiri Abdoulaye - Karamoko Befo Junior
Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom - Distant Space
Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima, Satsuki Shibano - Stratum
Blue Gas - Shadows From Nowhere
Nora Bumbiere - Dudievins

Slow Dance Radio 1/5/19

Thank you to Slow Dance for having me back yet again. This was a solid episode, I feel. Songs from Iran, Ethiopia, Thailand, Niger and Italy among others. I also played a Jerkcurb song previously only heard by his ears and mine, an amazing unfinished cover of Warfield Spillers' 'Daddy's Little Girl'.

Dig That Treasure (1/5/19)
Betty Chung - Bang Bang
Selomon Shibeshi - Fikre Techawetchi
Googoosh - Gol Bi Goldoon
Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom - Distant Space
Ted Chippington - She Loves You
I Am Just A Pupil - Family Dollar
Blue Gas - Shadows From Nowhere
Mammane Sani et son Orgue - Tunan
Suthep Wongkamhaeng - Chan Rak Thoe
Sylvie Akindrin - Moye
T2 - Heartbroken (Dux Content remix)
Bubbles - Babycakes
Ava Luna - I Don't Care
Jerkcurb - Daddy's Little Girl
Paul Mark - Comparing Heights
Khana Sanguan Sin - Chak Bai
Rococo Instrumental Ensemble - Lazy Shake
Julian Lynch - May

Resonance FM 30/4/19

Due to a late guest cancellation I did an ad lib show featuring a game of CD roulette. I grabbed six CDs from my collection and played a randomly selected song off each of them.

Dig That Treasure (30/4/19)
????? - ?????
Hawaii - Lady Of My Heart
Xasan Diiriye - Qaraami (Love)
Ketema Mekonnen - Beneena Anche
Sein Sah Thin - Really Strange And Weird Things
The Langley Schools Music Project - The Long And Winding Road
The Langley Schools Music Project - To Know Him Is To Love Him

Resonance FM 23/4/19

Good episode, this. Songs from four continents. Krontjong and enka and manele and outsider folk and bubblegum bass.

Dig That Treasure (23/4/19)
Sylvie Akindrin - Moyé (Remix)
Suthep Wongkamhaeng - Lap Mai Long
Maharadja Sweets - Something's Been Lost
Brigadier General R. Pirngadie - Lamabaian Bunga
Brigadier General R. Pirngadie - Senandung Anak Dara
Dan Armeanca - Sao Roma Daje
DJ Warlord - Cadenza

Resonance FM 16/4/19

It was my birthday so I prerecorded this show. Great tracks, including a couple of all-timers. Nothing more to say really.

Dig That Treasure (16/4/19)
Zaidan Ibrahim - Ma Hammak Azabna (You Don't Care About My Suffering)
Girma Tefera Kassa - Ene Aydelehuma
Harry Merry - Stevie Storm
Samsimar - Indang Pariaman
Florin Salam - Hai Pahar Pahar Pahar
Jockstrap - Charlotte (Taylor Skye Remix)

Resonance FM 9/4/19 (No Hats No Hoods)

This week's guest was Pete who runs No Hats No Hoods, the seminal grime record label. NHNH have previously released iconic records by Tempa T, P Money and Ruff Sqwad and - more recently - young South Londoners like Elf Kid and The Square. The label's latest project takes them out of London and into the Horn of Africa, where they collaborated with Ethiopian musicians who recorded instrumental tracks for UK producers to then play with. The results are fascinating and diverse in style, from Proc Fiskal's abstract boundary-pushing 'Geez Script' to Shudan's more conventionally melodic 'Hyena's of Harar', via a pioneering 3/4 grime beat by Ignorants. Pete was a great guest and gave a lot of insight into the project. Enjoy!

Dig That Treasure (9/4/19)
Shudan - Hyenas of Harar
Ignorants - Uncolonised
Proc Fiskal - Geez Script
Dexplicit - Lion King
Lolingo - Lalibela

Slow Dance Radio 3/4/19

Returned to Slow Dance for a third show. This one had it all - choral music, UK and US rap, great tunes from East and South Africa, an old post-punk oddity, Thai crooning and brand new music from Hogarth and Taylor Skye.

Dig That Treasure (3/4/19)
Elysia Crampton - Ax Amores
Takashi Kokubo - A Dream Sails Out To Sea
The Old Harp Singers of Eastern Tennessee - Ocean
Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir - Kalimankou Denkou
Shlohmo - Pretty Boy Swag
Kwam - Hot Boy
Bezawork Asfaw - Lehid Lesededew
Khosi Mosotho Chakela - Nkekebe Ka Tlohela
Suthep Wongkamhaeng - Lap Mai Long
Hogarth - The End Zone
Jockstrap - I Want Another Affair (Taylor Skye Remix) [extract]
Mag & The Suspects - Thousands Dead
Hosono, Suzuki, Yamashita - Passion Flower
Felix Kubin & Coolhaven - There Is A Garden
Taylor Skye - Take A Walk

Resonance FM 2/4/19 (Martha Skye Murphy)

Really enjoyable episode, this. My guest Martha Skye Murphy arrived with the intention of playing a few songs of her choosing but, about ten minutes before we went on air, we decided that she would do a live performance! So: the first three tracks are selections of Martha's choosing, and the final song is a brilliant impromptu performance of the Martha's song 'I'm Not Looking'. One of my favourite episodes in a while!

Dig That Treasure (2/4/19)
Delia Derbyshire - Falling
Ivor Cutler - Little Black Buzzer
Scott Walker - Patriot (A Single)
Martha Skye Murphy - I'm Not Looking [live in studio]

Resonance FM 26/3/19

Kicked off with a People's Liberation song, made a stop off at Guadeloupe, Ethiopia and Japan, had a laugh with whatever Sven Borgland was doing, played a banger from an old fave, and closed with Taylor Skye's new single 'Take A Walk'.

Dig That Treasure (26/3/19)
Cornelius Cardew - British Imperialism
Max Rambhojan - Tou't Jou Pa Min'm
Bezawork Asfaw - Lehif Lesededew
Susan - Modern Flowers In A Boot
Sven Borgland - Duck Flambe
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Find Your Way
Taylor Skye - Take A Walk

Resonance FM 19/3/19

Solid episode, if you ask me. Of course I'd say that, I made it. Anyway. Tunes from Ivory Coast's DJ Jacob and Germany's Felix Kubin. A narrative song by Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom. A dash of library music from Bill Charleson. And two songs from Ukrainian label Muscut, who are holding a showcase with Slow Dance on Friday at Studio 9294 in Hackney.

Dig That Treasure (19/3/19)
Bill Charleson - Sun Tan
DJ Jacob - Attalakou
Nikolaienko - Under The Integral
Chillera - Ostrova Bezi
Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom - Talk 1
Felix Kubin & Coolhaven - There Is A Garden

Resonance FM 12/3/19

Simple premise with this one: music by Japanese artists.

Dig That Treasure (12/3/19)
Hosono, Suzuki, Yamashita - Passion Flower
Jun Togawa - Suki Suki Daisuki
Susan - Ah Soka!
Saeko Suzuki - Kaspar's Statement
Inoyama Land - Pokala
Tamao Koike - Runnin Away
Jun Konagaya - Schlafen

Slow Dance Radio 6/3/19

I returned to Slow Dance Radio for another slot - this time a last-minute thirty-minute fill-in. It was hastily put together and I really crammed them in, but played some huge tracks.

Dig That Treasure (5/3/19)
The Old Harp Singers of Eastern Tennessee - Wondrous Love
Naked City - Speedfreaks
いらないもの - Runnin' Away
Elihu Knowles - Aaron's Lullaby
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Media
Rajesh Roshan - Superman, Superman
easyFun - Sondico
Chuck Edwards - Ooh La La
Al Bowlly - Heartaches
??? - ??? (Cambodian Cassette Archive)
The Amboy Dukes - I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent

Resonance FM 5/3/19


Dig That Treasure (5/3/19)
Momus - Born To Be Adored
Momus - Widow Twanky
Momus - Precocious Miss Calloway
Momus - The Angels Are Voyeurs
Momus - Foxy Little Otter
Momus - Pygmalism
Momus - The Criminal

Slow Dance Radio 27/2/19

I had the pleasure of doing a set on Slow Dance's weekly radio broadcast. I ran through some DTT classics including Super Eccentric Theatre, Samsimar, Warfield Spillers and Washington Phillips. I also played tunes by a couple of London acts (Platonica Erotica, Bo En, Svetlana - the latter of whom joined me in the studio). It was a really fun set and sounds good, I think, bar a couple of problems with Mixlr. Check it out below!

Dig That Treasure (27/2/19)
Platonica Erotica - Hamlet
Sebastian Cabot - Like A Rolling Stone
Laetitia Sadier - Turn The Other Cheek
Super Eccentric Theatre - Oh Les Beaux Japonais!
Kaba Blon - Dekou Dekou
Mohamed Al Ali - Sway Mili
Samsimar - Indang Pariaman
Svetlana - Bali Hai
GFOTY - Interlude
Kero Kero Bonito - My Party (Bo En remix)
The Bran Flakes - Sunshine Country
Arjun Ram Srivatsa - This Place In Time
Washington Phillips - A Mother's Last Words To Her Son
Nancy Dupree - Cold
Shooby Taylor - Over The Rainbow
Warfield Spillers - Daddy's Little Girl
Trixie's Big Red Motorbike - Norman & Narcissus
Tsegaye Eshetu - Sew Yalesew

Resonance FM 26/2/19

A classic solo show this week. I played tunes by the legendary Trixie's Big Red Motorbike, cult pervert Tonetta, and Congolese group Wenge Musica Maison Mère. A good solid episode!

Dig That Treasure (26/2/19)
Trixie's Big Red Motorbike - When He's By My Side
Yoshio Suzuki - Meet Me In The Sheep Meadow
Wiktor Stribog - Czas Pracy
Wenge Musica Maison Mère - Intervention Rapide
The Guest - I'll Love You (Like I Always Do)
Mamelon - Koumba Frifri
Tonetta - A Little At A Time

Resonance FM 19/2/19 (Pet Grotesque)

On the latest show I was joined by guest co-host Calum AKA Pet Grotesque. Calum's music has been played on the show twice previously, the first time by Jockstrap and more recently by Slow Dance Records. This time the man himself was in the studio, playing some of his favourite "Soundcloud treasures" including two(!!) tracks from Indiana and a couple from London too, for measure (Uncle Tesco and Naima Bock). We closed the show with a Pet Grotesque original.

Dig That Treasure (19/2/19)
Austin White - Easy 2 Please
Andrew Todd - Quiet Games
Uncle Tesco - Croydon Underpass
Mesita - Somewhere Else
Greybags - The Ineffable Mysteries Of Crayon Clown featuring Andrew Sayles
Naima Bock - Are You Working?
Pet Grotesque - Fantasy

Resonance FM 12/2/19

Thirty minutes of Ethiopian pop songs, new and old! I think I'm going to make this a semi-regular thing, like the 'DTT Speechless' series I'm sort-of doing. I've always played Ethiopian tunes on my show, but expect episodes dedicated exclusively to Ethiopian songs now and again. On this one I had two all-timers ('Shemma Tal' and 'Be Leselese Qual'), an awesome lo-fidelity recording from Hirut Bekele, the legendary Roha Band, enigmatic Samuel Belay who seemingly only released three tracks, and a very recent song by Destaw Teshager.

Dig That Treasure (12/2/19)
Alem Kebede - Shemma Tal
Hirut Bekele - I'm Yours Forever
Samuel Belay - Keresh Endewaza
Roha Band & Hamelmal Abate - Abeba Abeba
Destaw Teshager - Silebarekew New
Mahmoud Ahmed - Be Leselese Qu'al

Resonance FM 5/2/19 (Slow Dance)

This was a bittersweet episode for me. I had an ace guest in Marco from the South London collective Slow Dance. The plan was to play songs from their recent compilation Slow Dance '18 and talk all things local music. Unfortunately we were plagued with technical difficulties (rogue microphones, dodgy levels, unreliable aux cords) and things went south. I've patched up the show a little in post and have - I think - salvaged something decent, but it does feels like a missed opportunity. Nevertheless, he was a gracious guest and played great tunes.

Dig That Treasure (5/2/19)
Bianca Scout & Junior XL - Dreams That Know The Future
Pet Grotesque - Going Out
Guildhall Military Orchestra - SHIVER
Kit Mosley - Ex-Voto
Last Shark - Paloma
Glows - Passing Talk

Resonance FM 29/1/19

Jam-packed episode this week featuring, in order, tunes from Finland, the US, Morocco, Japan, the US, Italy, Greece, Ethiopia. I kicked off with some very wacky Finnish folk before trumping the wackiness with Sam Chalpin's version of, sorta, Nancy Sinatra's 'Bang Bang'. The following included: Moroccon folk/pop, Isao Tomita's interpretation of Debussy, US outsider Gary Wilson, Tasty Morsels' Parish Council, super rare Italian synth band Thorny Group, Greek new-wave/dark-wave singer Lena Platonos, and Ethiopian icon Tilahun Gesesse.

Dig That Treasure (29/1/19)
Melkutus - Taru Aaltojen Ruokopillistä
Sam Chalpin - Bang Bang
Najat Aâtabou - Ândak Tkoun Boudina
Isao Tomita - Passepied
Gary Wilson - Debbie Debbie
Parish Council - Same Cake
Thorny Group - Roller Games
Lena Platonos - Μάρκος
Tilahun Gesesse - Bemishit Chereka

Resonance FM 22/1/19 (Max Rosemin)

On this week's episode I was joined by guest co-host Max Rosemin of Algo Ritmo on Radio Relativa. He played stuff from France, Spain, Germany and the Dominican Republic - and put me to shame with his pronunciations.

Dig That Treasure (22/1/19)
Free Weed - Negative Energy
Colleen Green - Sock it to Me
CHAMBRE - Sur les rochers
Sonidos del Espacio - Tiempo Modulado
Spliff - Heut’ Nacht
Ventla - Unessential
Frank Reyes - Tu Eres Ajena

Resonance FM 15/1/19 (Oliver Buckland)

On this show I had the Oliver Buckland take the reins as my guest co-host. Oliver's a fantastic young composer at the Royal College of Music who works with acoustic, electronic and electroacoustic music. His compositions are endlessly creative and brimming with surprises. Here, he played three of his finest, as well as two pieces that have inspired his creative process.

Dig That Treasure (15/1/19)
Oliver Buckland - Acediat
Rory Smith - Sometimes It's Nice To Reminisce For No Reason
Standingwave - Mason Jars
Oliver Buckland - Solitariat
Oliver Buckland - CYCLE

Resonance FM 8/1/18

New year, new series... I kicked this one off with an episode dedicated to tunes I've found on Soundcloud. Two from young London composer Oliver Buckland, including the nuts party blower track 'Time For Festivities', as well as tunes from fellow Londoners (???) Platonica Erotica and Jamie Farrington. I also span stuff from Spain (Dani Botafogo) and Malaysia (Khadijah Juswil), as well as LA's Park Burtons. Oh, also the return of Rosielou, this time going by Ro Sie. I closed the show with a tune I've been repeating on loop for a week now, Arjun Ram Srivatsa's weirdly emotional reworking of Rihanna's 'Work'.

Dig That Treasure (8/1/18)
Oliver Buckland - Vacillate
Platonica Erotica - Wasted
Jamie Farrington - Jamalalia
Oliver Buckland - Time For Festivities
Dani Botafogo - A Life ON Loop
Khadijah Juswil - Shh,
Ro Sie - Sigh
Parks Burton - Don't Stare
Arjun Ram Srivatsa - This Place In Time