Resonance FM 29/1/19

Jam-packed episode this week featuring, in order, tunes from Finland, the US, Morocco, Japan, the US, Italy, Greece, Ethiopia. I kicked off with some very wacky Finnish folk before trumping the wackiness with Sam Chalpin's version of, sorta, Nancy Sinatra's 'Bang Bang'. The following included: Moroccon folk/pop, Isao Tomita's interpretation of Debussy, US outsider Gary Wilson, Tasty Morsels' Parish Council, super rare Italian synth band Thorny Group, Greek new-wave/dark-wave singer Lena Platonos, and Ethiopian icon Tilahun Gesesse.

Dig That Treasure (29/1/19)
Melkutus - Taru Aaltojen Ruokopillistä
Sam Chalpin - Bang Bang
Najat Aâtabou - Ândak Tkoun Boudina
Isao Tomita - Passepied
Gary Wilson - Debbie Debbie
Parish Council - Same Cake
Thorny Group - Roller Games
Lena Platonos - Μάρκος
Tilahun Gesesse - Bemishit Chereka

Resonance FM 22/1/19 (Max Rosemin)

On this week's episode I was joined by guest co-host Max Rosemin of Algo Ritmo on Radio Relativa. He played stuff from France, Spain, Germany and the Dominican Republic - and put me to shame with his pronunciations.

Dig That Treasure (22/1/19)
Free Weed - Negative Energy
Colleen Green - Sock it to Me
CHAMBRE - Sur les rochers
Sonidos del Espacio - Tiempo Modulado
Spliff - Heut’ Nacht
Ventla - Unessential
Frank Reyes - Tu Eres Ajena

Resonance FM 15/1/19 (Oliver Buckland)

On this show I had the Oliver Buckland take the reins as my guest co-host. Oliver's a fantastic young composer at the Royal College of Music who works with acoustic, electronic and electroacoustic music. His compositions are endlessly creative and brimming with surprises. Here, he played three of his finest, as well as two pieces that have inspired his creative process.

Dig That Treasure (15/1/19)
Oliver Buckland - Acediat
Rory Smith - Sometimes It's Nice To Reminisce For No Reason
Standingwave - Mason Jars
Oliver Buckland - Solitariat
Oliver Buckland - CYCLE

Resonance FM 8/1/18

New year, new series... I kicked this one off with an episode dedicated to tunes I've found on Soundcloud. Two from young London composer Oliver Buckland, including the nuts party blower track 'Time For Festivities', as well as tunes from fellow Londoners (???) Platonica Erotica and Jamie Farrington. I also span stuff from Spain (Dani Botafogo) and Malaysia (Khadijah Juswil), as well as LA's Park Burtons. Oh, also the return of Rosielou, this time going by Ro Sie. I closed the show with a tune I've been repeating on loop for a week now, Arjun Ram Srivatsa's weirdly emotional reworking of Rihanna's 'Work'.

Dig That Treasure (8/1/18)
Oliver Buckland - Vacillate
Platonica Erotica - Wasted
Jamie Farrington - Jamalalia
Oliver Buckland - Time For Festivities
Dani Botafogo - A Life ON Loop
Khadijah Juswil - Shh,
Ro Sie - Sigh
Parks Burton - Don't Stare
Arjun Ram Srivatsa - This Place In Time