Resonance FM 27/11/18

A deliciously eclectic mix, here... I kicked off the show with a song by Visible Cloaks - who don't really fit this show's requirements but who I've been enjoying a lot recently - and closed the show with a track by Georgian vocal group Orera. Along the way were two tunes from Sudanese artists featured on the 'Two Niles To Sing A Melody' compilation, some vintage highlife from CST Amankwah, and a duo of bangers by Indian/Portuguese/English/Icelandic sex symbol Leoncie.

Dig That Treasure (27/11/18)
Visible Cloaks - Wheel
Leoncie - Love In A Pub
Leoncie - Enginn Þrikantur Hér (No Threesome Here)
CST Amankwah - Saade Wobe Su
Zaidan Ibrahim - Ma Hammack Azabna
Abdelmoniem Ekhaldi - Droob A Shoag
Орэра - Старый Мотив (Old Motive)

Resonance FM 20/11/18 (Jockstrap)

On this episode I was joined by my favourite band of the minute, the dynamic orchestral pop group Jockstrap. Georgia (vox/violin) and Michael (bass) from the band played nine songs of their choosing, all of which were by their friends/contemporaries. Scarily talented friendship group they've got there... From Jockstrap's own Taylor Skye to Simeon May's beautiful lonely sax via Rodeo Jones' football-based sound-collage and a double-whammy of bonkers Eric Fabrizi tunes, most of this stuff is new/unreleased and all of it is bloody great. Be sure to listen to this one (and apologies in advance for the couple of technical mistakes that occurred).

Dig That Treasure (20/11/18)
Taylor Skye - Kode Fine
Pet Grotesque - 2 Late
Eric Fabrizi - Can't Stop Thinking About You
Eric Fabrizi - Sexual Frustration
Rodeo Jones - Aberdeen
The Guest - Theme From Failure (pt.1)
Jerskin Fendrix - Onigiri
Pete Um - Real Rock & Roll
Simeon May - Untitled

Resonance FM 13/11/18

I tried the impossible - to condense Le Guess Who 2018, one of the best weekends I've ever had, packed with sensational live performances, into 30 minutes. I wasn't able to make the recordings I'd hoped to, so had to settle with spinning the studio versions of some of my highlights. I played songs from my top three sets of the weekend (Vashti Bunyan, Kate NV, Beverly Glenn-Copeland) as well as some from other highlights (Ammar 808, Rizan Said, Hailu Mergia) and even one from an artist I didn't manage to catch, but wish I had (Howie Lee). What a weekend. Roll on next year...

Dig That Treasure (13/11/18)
Kate NV - вас YOU
Vashti Bunyan - I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
Hailu Mergia - Eti Gual Blenai
Rizan Said - Electric Mawwal I
Ammar 808 - Alech Taadini
Howie Lee - Bei Hai
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Deep River

Resonance FM 6/11/18

I opened and closed this show with songs from the new Dig That Treasure! Records release 'Miscellaneous Recordings, 2008-12'. The album is a 35 track collection of recordings I made during the aforementioned years. As the 'press release' of-sorts notes, "the album is intended as a reflexive, auto-ethnographic study. It’s an open exhibition of amateurism and child-like creativity." It was a strange thing for me to release - and an even stranger thing to play on air. Also on the show were a Cambodian novelty tune, some post-vaporwave-ish-I-dunno, a beautiful and lengthy piece of meditative Ethiopian folk pop, and a recording by the mysterious Rosielou (who, if you see this, please email me, I would like to hear the recordings of yours I have lost track off! -

Dig That Treasure (6/11/18)
Will M Hall - Warm Autumn v.1 [c.2011]
Prum Manh - Two Wives Are Twice The Problem
Yung Bae - 私は愛に ハイです
Will M Hall - Cobbled Streets [c.2011]
Rosielou - Tangerine
Bezawork Asfaw - Tezeta
Will M Hall - Little Lite Whies