Guest Post: I Am Just A Pupil presents... Evening Meditation Mix

I am very excited to share a beautifully crafted mix, put together by ambient musician I Am Just A Pupil. The project of North Carolina based Josh Clarke, I Am Just A Pupil has a prolific catalogue that stretches from the mournful Somber Songs Collection to the witty, absurd and surprisingly poignant new age of 12 Hours FULL RELAXATION (the latter featuring the remarkable standout 'Family Dollar'). The mix that Clarke has lovingly put together for Dig That Treasure! is a gorgeous production that transcends the typical song-after-song format of a traditional guest mix. Instead, Evening Meditation Mix is a seamless weaving together of anonymous instrumental samples - beautiful harp, strings and woodwind - taken from "no ID or questionable ID cassettes/mix cds from thrift stores." The result comes off as somewhere in the middle ground between The Caretaker and Virginia Astley's ambient works.

I Am Just A Pupil presents...
Evening Meditation Mix