Resonance FM 27/7/21

Last show in the series. I might return to the airwaves sometime. But for now, who knows? Anyway I crammed ten tunes into this one, including fantastic new music from Platonica Erotica and Zach Phillips. Also featured were a trio of tunes from French folk-prog group Mahjun, a short and sweet banger from Senegalese Mbalax singer Thione Ballago Seck, and three DTT classics: Super Eccentric Theatre's 'Oh Les Beaux Japonais!', Neway Debebe's 'Yetikimt Abeba' and the eponymous track from the album from which I adopted this show's name, Cryptacize's 'Dig That Treasure'.

Dig That Treasure (27/7/21)
Platonica Erotica - I Can't Be Your Everything
Mahjun - Baby Sitter
Mahjun - La Deniche
Mahjun - Family Valse
Super Eccentric Theatre - Oh Les Beaux Japonais!
Zach Phillips - Their Parents (with Cleopatra Mathis)
Zach Phillips - Heaven A Smile (with Ma Clément, Raphaël Desmarets, Jennifer Herrema)
Thione Ballago Seck - Lonase
Neway Debebe & Roha Band - Yetikimt Abeba
Cryptacize - Dig That Treasure

Resonance FM 20/7/21

Tunes from Algeria, Greece, Indonesia, Japan and Ghana here - including two from Greek Hawaiian-influenced guitarist Kostas Bezos and two from Japanese avant-garde pop icon Jun Togawa.

Dig That Treasure (20/7/21)
Farat et Khalass - Alach Ya Karima
Kostas Bezos and the White Birds - Άχ Αθήνα (Oh, Athens)
Kostas Bezos and the White Birds - Πάμε στη Χονολουλού (Let's Go To Honolulu)
Waldjinah - Djanggrang
Jun Togawa - Suki Suki Daisuki
Jun Togawa - 17 Years Old
Andy Vans - Dofor Nyi Ekyir

Resonance FM 13/7/21

Contemporary Ethiopian pop, Czech ambient music, a double bill of Indonesian tunes (one from a comedian, the other a girl group) and two tracks from legendary US DIY labels (Holy Page and Crash Symbols).

Dig That Treasure (13/7/21)
Nakachew Tsegaye - Yene Alem
Sdružení Modrá - Ta Naše Jediná A Nejlepší
Bobby Carlson - Don't Give Up On Your Dreams
Benyamin S - Ngundang
Tigadara Sitompul - Riang
Yom San - You's A Baby, Right?

Resonance FM 6/7/21

Kicked off this show with a Czech cover of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love'. Followed that with another cover - Rebby Sharp doing 'Hesitation Blues' (preluded by some of her trademark experimentation). Next was Soviet underground new-wave group НИИ Косметики, playful Japanese artist Asao Kikuchi, Latin-inspired countrymen Carioca, and Catalan guitarist Toni Xuclà.

Dig That Treasure (6/7/21)
Jana Kocianová - Krídla
Rebby Sharp - Let The Piper Call The Tune / Hesitation Blues
НИИ Косметики - Еду в Ленинград
Asao Kikuchi - It's No Laughing Matter
Carioca - O Grande Campo
Toni Xuclà - Conte del Mediterrani

Resonance FM 29/6/21

Vocaloids, yodelling, slow football... tunes from Polynesia, Ethiopia, Japan, India, Italy... 

Dig That Treasure (29/6/21)
【薛南】色彩電気【歌ってみた】(Setsunan - Colour & Electricity)
Remigio Ducros - Calcio Al Ralenti 
Kishore Kumar - Main Hoon Jhoom Jhoom Jhumroo
South Seas Ensemble - E Noho Ana Vau
South Seas Ensemble - Aue Take Tane
Pete Drake - Danny Boy
Wendimu Jira - Keras Gar

Resonance FM 22/6/21 (first episode 4/9/13)

Another re-run - no I haven't jumped the shark I've just been busy! This week I dug into the archives and played the first ever Dig That Treasure, dating from September 4th 2013. Wall to wall hits cushioned by an extremely nervous 18 year old me.

Dig That Treasure (22/6/21)
Mort Garson - Swingin' Spathiphyllums
Yeshimebet Dubale - I Remember A Man
The Honeymoon Killers - Route Nationale 7
iji - Unimpressed By Mountains
Julian Lynch - Harmonium
Julian Lynch - Es's
Belle Du Soir - Quantum Leap
Bezunesh Bekele - Sintun Ayehu Bante

Resonance FM 15/6/21

Today's shopping list: 
Gwo Ka. "Blue" keys. Enya re-fixed. Wozards of Iz. Cowboys. Salsa. 

Dig That Treasure (15/6/21)
Erick Cosaque - Guadeloupe Ile De Mes Amours
"Blue" Gene Tyranny - Daylight Savings
Florian T M Zeisig - I
Mort Garson - I've Been Over The Rainbow
Xanadu Pleasure Dome - Blue's Theme
Eddie Palmieri - Lazaro Y Su Microfono

Resonance FM 8/6/21

Four tunes from the 80s on this show. Two of them from Japan. One from a no-wave 12 year old. The fourth a South African football fest. Another two tunes from 1970s Italy. One beautiful new single from Martha Skye Murphy. And a partridge...

Dig That Treasure (8/6/21)
Mika Kaneko - Cheek To Cheek
Jun Togawa - Boshi Jusei
Puccio Roelens - Sweet Foolishness
Mitridate - Wa Wa O Qua Qua
Chandra - Subways
Martha Skye Murphy - Found Out
Mob Club Masters - Ea Lla Koto (Qwa-Qwa Stars Club Mix)

Resonance FM 1/6/21 (Sean O'Hagan re-run)

BLAST from the PAST. Due to some technical issues and a busy Bank Holiday I decided simply re-run a classic episode... from over SEVEN years ago!? This episode was first aired (live) on 11th December 2013 and featured guest Sean O'Hagan of the legendary The High Llamas in conversation and performance, giving renditions of Ring Of Gold and an extract from Here Come The Rattling Trees.

Dig That Treasure (1/6/21)
Alan Parker - My World
Sean O'Hagan - Here Come The Rattling Trees (extract)
Sean O'Hagan - Ring of Gold
Ewnet Yet Legegnesh - Instrumental

Resonance FM 25/5/21

Wonderful tunes from Palestine, Japan (via Portland), Tanzania and Georgia, as well as a cut from the new Aaron Space EP - out on Dig That Treasure Records now - and a new one from Famous via untitled (recs). Skip to 16:48 for the most mesmerising vocal groove ever courtesy of the Bantu Wagogo tribe.

Dig That Treasure (25/5/21)
Al-Bara'em - Tareeq
Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings - Big Trouble
Jun Arasaki & Nine Sheep - Kajyadhi Fu Bushi (Visible Cloaks Remix)
The Wagogo Tribe of Tanzania - Gago Ga Kwimba
Gomar Sikharulidze - ???
Famous - The Beatles

Resonance FM 18/5/21

Kicked off with another early-10s fave that has since disappeared off the face of the cyber-earth: Cooltombs. A New Paltz noise duo consisting of Nolan and Paris. That was the case back ten years or so ago, at least. Following that was some Sacred Harp, as is an irregular custom. Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou of Niger via Sahel Sounds provided a swinging Tuareg guitar-synth-drum machine jam and the one-and-only Masahiro Takahashi was reliably meditative before a slice of "hypnotic Indonesian pop" from Itoh Masyitoh and Rineka Swara. I closed the show with some Palestinian dabke music as felt apt.

Dig That Treasure (18/5/21)
Cooltombs - Feel It In Your Bones
The Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers - The Father's Boundless Love
Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou - Anou Malane
Masahiro Takahashi - Frog Into The Pond
Itoh Masyitoh & Rineka Swara - Naon Margina
El Dalaaona - Best Palestinian Dabke Pt 8

Resonance FM 11/5/21

BLAMMO. Burmese pop. Dean "Question Mark" Blunt. Pipe Organ covers of Northern Soul, Happy Hardcore and Black Metal classics. Sweeping, pulsating synths. Somali funk. ALL of the above.

Dig That Treasure (11/5/21)
Soe Sandar Tun - The Girl Who Ran Away From Love
Dean Blunt/Various Artists/??? - Muggy
Andrew Macintosh And Stuart Muir - Open The Door To Your Heart
John Riley - Heart Of Gold
Andrew Macintosh - Alsvartr (The Oath)
Simon Dobson - Quiet, Pls
Iftin - Ii Ooy Aniga (Cry For Me)

Resonance FM 4/5/21 (DTT Speechless V)

The fifth instalment of DTT Speechless, the semi regular series in which I shut up and play mostly ambient, lounge and easy-listening (and not so easy-listening) music. This was maybe the least conventional or true-to-the-rules episode I've done: 'Ax Amores' isn't particularly relaxing or "easy" and 'Tula Baba' is entirely vocal. But they suit the remit in form and thought. And I'm allowed to constantly move the goalposts so long as I (and you) enjoy the tunes.

Dig That Treasure (4/5/21)
Paul de Jong - It's Only About Sex
Elysia Crampton - Ax Amores
Timur Selçuk - Bengiz
National Youth Choir of Namibia - Tula Baba
Iceblink - Healer
Sven Libaek - Touching Hands
Tamanco Malandrinho - Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos
Dorothy Collins & Raymond Scott - Singin' In The Rain
Mamman Sani - Five Hundred Miles

Resonance FM 27/4/21

Opened this show with the first - and eponymous - track from the new Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings EP Grid, to be released in full on May 21st via Dig That Treasure Records! Very excited to be releasing this wonderful EP and to be working with Eli again after his contribution to the DTT compilation Elevate. The opening tune is available to stream right now via Bandcamp and the rest will follow on all streaming platforms on May 21st. Back to the radio show: I practised some label lovin' and span tunes from great indie labels I love, Orange Milk Records and Horn of Plenty. Following those were two songs by Coconut, a San Francisco (?) based band (?) that once existed (?) and then disappeared into thin air (?). I ripped these two mp3s from their Myspace approaching a decade ago and have since been unable to find any trace of Coconut online. If you're out there, Coconut, please let me know! Finally, closing the show was a great tune out by Anti-Palu, a zouglou group out of Côte d'Ivoire.

Dig That Treasure (27/4/21)
Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings - Grid
DIDA - Spaghettification
DIDA - Jooho
Svitlana Nianio - ???
Coconut - Congratulation
Coconut - Hold Your Bunny
Anti-Palu - Déni

Resonance FM 20/4/21

Zoomed into action with Merlin Nova's 'Fast Track', played a duo of tunes by Bristol-based Eva Lua, a beautiful Burmese track (I think the Anglicised name is Yee Yee Thant), gorgeous Ethio-jazz from Menelik Wossenachew, and a classic slice of DIY pop from the radio-unfriendly Holy Shit.

Dig That Treasure (20/4/21)
Merlin Nova - Fast Track
Eva Lua - I Hear You Say
Eva Lua - All I Know Is What Remains
ရီရီသန္ ့ - ေရႊျပည္ႀကီး
Menelik Wossenachew - Nefse Eko Nat
Holy Shit - You Made My Dreams Come True

Resonance FM 13/4/21

Kicked off with a "techno" cover of Sakamoto's 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence', span a remix of another cover (Telex doing Roberto Cacciapaglia's 'My Time') and played yet another cover (60s folk-rock group Colours doing John Hartford's 'Gentle On My Mind') before a beautiful meditative piece by Zaidan Ibrahim and a track by avant-garde DIY project Amos And Sara. I closed the show with a fascinating song that was handed directly to me: Sindy Apple, the performer, approached me in the street in Hackney and gave me a piece of paper suggesting I buy her single from iTunes. So I did that immediately, and then I played it on the radio.

Dig That Treasure (13/4/21)
??? - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence Techno Ondo
Telex - My Time (Yann Tomita Remix)
Colours - Gentle On My Mind
Zaidan Ibrahim - الوداع
Amos And Sara - In Walked Lance
Sindy Apple - You Cuddle Me

Resonance FM 6/4/21

Dig That Treasure (6/4/21)
Halcali - Strawberry Chips
Furious Pig - I Don't Like Your Face
Air Max '97 - Inside Outside (Avbvrn Remix)
Amele Teni - Yene Jegna
Masahiro Sugaya - Straight Line Floating In The Sky

Resonance FM 30/3/21 (Max Syedtollan)

After the very enjoyable but technologically unrefined Zoom chat with Speed Training a few weeks ago, I decided to book in composer Max Syedtollan for a call and give the radio-via-online-video-chat thing another go. Max and I had a chatted for over an hour, which I then had to brutally edit into fifteen minutes to accommodate the show's short run time and the great tunes Max had selected to play. We began the show with a conversation about his amazing recent piece 'Four Assignments' before Max introduced and discussed a selection of tracks that included Bulgarian folk-pop, GLARC's Gordon Bruce and theatrical pronk legends Cardiacs.

Dig That Treasure (30/3/21)
Rositsa Peychova - Sevdalino, Boy
Cardiacs - The Duck And Roger The Horse
Bryn Harrison - Surface Forms (Repeating)
Gordon Bruce - Sanctus
Michael Nyman - Bird Anthem

Resonance FM 23/3/21

Just because the Western Canon is snoozy snobbery wot ought to be torn down doesn't mean the Dig That Treasure Canon shouldn't replace it and be added to all national curricula across the treasure-digging world. Wot is the Dig That Treasure Canon, Will? You know, those much-loved mp3s wot have been worn down through repeat plays on the Dig That Treasure show on Resonance FM. No? You know, those artists who really represent Dig That Treasure and all its ever-evolving principles. Come on... There are tunes - texts, if you like - that are well and truly part of the DTT fabric: 'Oh Les Beaux Japonais!', 'Indang Pariaman', 'Cap Horn', 'My Time', 'Mili Alay', 'Daddy's Little Girl'. There are also staple figures, groups, icons: Momus, Woo, Armeanca, and so on. Yeah, you get it - a big and (until now) unwritten list of show-defining, ethos-emphasising, catalogue-creating artists and artworks. My point, after all that, is that this list has also long-included Yeshimebet Dubale and recently expanded to include Zach Phillips (Blanche Blanche Blanche, Fievel Is Glauque, etc.). And both those artists featured on this week's show. That's what I was getting at, really. Alongside tracks by these two canonical figures I span Romanian manele, Algeria chaoui, and another song from R.D. Laing's (yep, that R.D. Laing) easy-listening-vaudeville-ambient-disco-spoken-word record. As if that wasn't enough, I played two tunes from the Lo Recordings catalogue: 'Ella' by Gablé (technically released by LOAF, a subsidiary of Lo) and 'Hollowed Water' by Athanasios Argianas. Whew.

Dig That Treasure (23/3/21)
Florin Salam - Zana Zanelor
Fievel Is Glauque - Simple Affairs
Fievel Is Glauque - The Ancient Cause
R.D. Laing - Three
Gablé - Ella
Athanasios Argianas - Hollowed Water
Cheba Yamina - Salame Salame
Yeshimebet Dubale - ጐዳናው ምን ይላል

Resonance FM 16/3/21 (Speed Training)

This week's show featured Dig That Treasure's first ever Zoom interview, almost a year after lockdown measures were first announced in the UK. My guests on the other side of the cyber-studio were Speed Training, the new project rising from the ashes of the much-loved and recently disbanded/reshuffled Great Dad, consisting primarily of Charlie and Caitlin but with a larger live ensemble due in the (hopefully near-) future. Their amazing debut track Bright And Beautiful Morning is available via Bandcamp now. Together we wrestled with the technical blips and communicative hurdles that dodgy internet connections and Zoom etiquette present to produce a fun DIY half-hour. Charlie and Caitlin played tunes from a variety of their friends and influences, including Belfast's femme-punk group Problem Patterns, Manchester's avant-rapper Algernon Cornelius, and Glasgow's goof-gabber hero Romeo Taylor. Also played were Garden Centre (selected previously by Kiran Leonard), a bonkers and extremely-Resonance Bob Ostertag collaboration, and Jelly Cleaver's powerful and sprawling protest song 'Yarl's Wood'. Thanks to Speed Training for their time & patience - you can listen to the glorious mess below!

Dig That Treasure (16/3/21)
Problem Patterns - Day And Age
Algernon Cornelius - Nudge Theory
Bob Ostertag, Otomo Yoshihide & Justin Vivian Bond - I Love Animals
Romeo Taylor - Kingdom Of Scotland
Garden Centre - I Am The Babysitter
Jelly Cleaver - Yarl's Wood

Resonance FM 9/3/21

On this episode I declared Momus the Patron Saint of Dig That Treasure. I will try my utmost to organise a public ceremony of veneration once Covid has "ended" (become neutralised as Yet Another Flu). Beyond that act of commemoration, I played an Ethio oldie, Latvian avant-garde, Colombian folk-psych-funk and Algerian staifi. Also on the bill was Elori Saxl with her meditative & tidal Waves I and III.
Dig That Treasure (9/3/21)
Almaz Kebede - Yene Shemonemana
Momus - Athenian
NSRD - Karstvīna recepte / Uz pirti / Garām aiziet vīrs ar cigareti
Elori Saxl - Wave I
Elori Saxl - Wave III
Elia y Elizabeth - Buscándonos
Samir El Eulmi - Tahar Ya Tahar

Resonance FM 2/3/21

Kicked off with Max Syedtollan's 'Four Assignments', a "narrative piece investigating the fictionality of history" and one of the most exciting and inventive things I've heard this year. After that was another new track - Momus's 'Nono' from his forthcoming album Athenian - followed by Finnish folk and Ethiopian jazz. I closed the show with Laetitia Sadier's 'Turn The Other Cheek' from A Home, the Dig That Treasure compilation that turned five (!) on Monday.
Dig That Treasure (2/3/21)
Max Syedtollan with Plus Minus Ensemble - Four Assignments
Momus - Nono
Värttinä - Marilaulu
Mahmoud Ahmed - Selam Almazeye
Laetitia Sadier - Turn The Other Cheek

Resonance FM 23/2/21

Music from Ghana, Japan, Belgium and Romania, alongside two versions of the Coventry Carol and a beautiful debut track from Speed Training, a group comprising of members of the recently disbanded Great Dad.

Dig That Treasure (23/2/21)
Asafo Healing Voices - Kyere Me Dee Yesu Wo
Asami Kado - すねてご機嫌
Polyphonic Size - Logique Polygonale
The Young Tradition - Coventry Carol
Hogarth - Coventry Carol
Dan Armeanca - Marinella
Speed Training - Bright And Beautiful Morning

Resonance FM 16/2/21 (Zach Phillips)

This week's show featured a selection of songs curated by Zach Phillips, "keyboardist, bassist, writer, arranger, tape-recordist, civil rights legal investigator." Zach used to run OSR Tapes, currently runs La Loi, performs with Fievel Is Glauque and Blanche Blanche Blanche, and has been involved with Maher Shalal Hashbaz, Chris Cohen and Alice Cohen & the Channel 14 Weather Team. I dedicated an entire show to his music last year and now it's his turn to take charge and curate the selection. After a solitary selection of my own, Yola Fatoush's 'Skeleton', were eight great tracks chosen by Zach. Keep your ears peeled for R.D. Laing's amazing 'Six' in particular: apparently Laing - noted psychiatrist - recorded an album in the 70s? Who knew... Enjoy!

Dig That Treasure (16/2/21)
Yola Fatoush - Skeleton
Zach Phillips guest mix:
Mattie Moss Clark - He's Within Me
R.D. Laing - Six
Eddie Fisher - Good Old Days
Al Seamless & Deleted - Sick
Junie Morrison - Anna
Nicole Campau - New Fashion
Chuck Senrick - The Duck Is Gone
Current Obsessions - Faceless Rite

Resonance FM 9/2/21

A thirty-minute mix of Ethiopian music, as I am periodically wont to do.

Dig That Treasure (9/2/21)
Bezawork Asfaw - Lehid Lesededew
Bezunesh Bekele - Simkin Slanesaw
Teshome Wolde - ???
Melkamu Tebeje - Yam Ale Yam Ale
Ephrem Tamiru - Aynua
Alemayehu Eshete - Nefas Endaygeban

Resonance FM 2/2/21

This show began and ended with a tribute to the incredible SOPHIE who tragically passed away this past Saturday. Her radically ecstatic and elastic sound has been a huge influence on me over the last seven or so years. In between two unreleased SOPHIE tracks were songs that I found on my external hardrive that were partially or totally unlabelled - all things I had downloaded at various points over the years but neglected to name properly! Here they received some much-deserved airtime.

Dig That Treasure (2/2/21)
??? - ??? ("Track 07")
Francesco De Masi - Diamond Bossa Nova
Domotic - Meurtre D'un Pêcheur
Epen - Bobodoran Tjorak Mari
Dan Armeanca - Instrumentala
Sylvia Striplin - Give Me Your Love (SOPHIE Remix)

Resonance FM 26/1/21

A nice simple ep here, 6 great songs from Russia to Ethiopia to Japan to Scotland. Enjoy!

Dig That Treasure (26/1/21)
Aleksandra Arkhipova - Forest
Aster Aweke - Yihe Newu Mirchaye
うさみみりぼん - スターティングファンタジー
Mariya Kodryanu - U Odinokikh Topoley
Clarissa Connelly - Mother And Daddy
Clarissa Connelly - The Hills Are Crying

Resonance FM 19/1/21

Continuing from last week, I've got more 2020 highlights. Beautiful washed-out electronica, Algerian disco-staïfi, Chicago footwork, serene Japanese chamber folk, quarantine-induced idiosyncratic guitars, a Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, and the closer from Dig That Treasure's own compilation Elevate.

Dig That Treasure (19/1/21)
BALAM ACAB - Princess Ascension
Nordine Staïfi - Zine Ezzinet
DJ Earl - No Cap 4 2020
Ichiko Aoba - Porcelain
Wendy Eisenberg - Not So Fast
Geordie Greep - Getting To Know You
Masahiro Takahashi - Dancers

Resonance FM 12/1/21

Back on Resonance for another series - if only I'd kept count of how many there have been! This episode was a 2020 retrospective, in which I played some of my favourite tracks of the last twelve months. I played Senegalese hip-hop, noise rock, Woo-ish ambience, de/re-constructed pop, ironic counter-patriotism, a vocaloid experiment and a meditative sax instrumental. It's a fun journey that starts peacefully, picks up pace and ends in chaos - tune in now, below!

Dig That Treasure (12/1/21)
Kahil El'Zabar - America The Beautiful (Instrumental)
Alabaster dePlume - Whisky Story Time
Iceblink - Healer
でんの子P - かわらぬおもひ(KAWARANU-OMOI)
OOIOO - Nijimu
Ngaaka Blinde - Finale
Carl Stone - Bojuk