Resonance FM 26/3/19

Kicked off with a People's Liberation song, made a stop off at Guadeloupe, Ethiopia and Japan, had a laugh with whatever Sven Borgland was doing, played a banger from an old fave, and closed with Taylor Skye's new single 'Take A Walk'.

Dig That Treasure (26/3/19)
Cornelius Cardew - British Imperialism
Max Rambhojan - Tou't Jou Pa Min'm
Bezawork Asfaw - Lehif Lesededew
Susan - Modern Flowers In A Boot
Sven Borgland - Duck Flambe
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Find Your Way
Taylor Skye - Take A Walk

Resonance FM 19/3/19

Solid episode, if you ask me. Of course I'd say that, I made it. Anyway. Tunes from Ivory Coast's DJ Jacob and Germany's Felix Kubin. A narrative song by Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom. A dash of library music from Bill Charleson. And two songs from Ukrainian label Muscut, who are holding a showcase with Slow Dance on Friday at Studio 9294 in Hackney.

Dig That Treasure (19/3/19)
Bill Charleson - Sun Tan
DJ Jacob - Attalakou
Nikolaienko - Under The Integral
Chillera - Ostrova Bezi
Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom - Talk 1
Felix Kubin & Coolhaven - There Is A Garden

Resonance FM 12/3/19

Simple premise with this one: music by Japanese artists.

Dig That Treasure (12/3/19)
Hosono, Suzuki, Yamashita - Passion Flower
Jun Togawa - Suki Suki Daisuki
Susan - Ah Soka!
Saeko Suzuki - Kaspar's Statement
Inoyama Land - Pokala
Tamao Koike - Runnin Away
Jun Konagaya - Schlafen

Slow Dance Radio 6/3/19

I returned to Slow Dance Radio for another slot - this time a last-minute thirty-minute fill-in. It was hastily put together and I really crammed them in, but played some huge tracks.

Dig That Treasure (5/3/19)
The Old Harp Singers of Eastern Tennessee - Wondrous Love
Naked City - Speedfreaks
いらないもの - Runnin' Away
Elihu Knowles - Aaron's Lullaby
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Media
Rajesh Roshan - Superman, Superman
easyFun - Sondico
Chuck Edwards - Ooh La La
Al Bowlly - Heartaches
??? - ??? (Cambodian Cassette Archive)
The Amboy Dukes - I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent

Resonance FM 5/3/19


Dig That Treasure (5/3/19)
Momus - Born To Be Adored
Momus - Widow Twanky
Momus - Precocious Miss Calloway
Momus - The Angels Are Voyeurs
Momus - Foxy Little Otter
Momus - Pygmalism
Momus - The Criminal