Resonance FM 29/10/19 (Le Guess Who? III - DNA? AND?)

Tonight was part three of four of Dig That Treasure's Le Guess Who festival preview. For this episode I had the wonderful privilege of collaborating with Harald of DNA? AND?, a Norwegian improv project consisting of children with Down's Syndrome and professional musicians. Harald selected and introduced a few of the group's tracks, discussing the group's origins as a workshop series and the musicality of the group's children. Listen below.

Dig That Treasure (29/10/19)
DNA? AND? - Oh Yeah, Baby
DNA? AND? - Unruh
DNA? AND? - Shoshia Woochiouway
DNA? AND? - Intsimin Tsawkampetchuo

Resonance FM 25/10/19 (Daniel Johnston Tribute)

As well as the regular half-hour show, this week I presented a special hour-long tribute to the late Daniel Johnston. Over the course of the hour I hosted live performances from the always-stunning Martha Skye Murphy (with guest Felix Stephens on cello), the anarchic Brad (Baby Blue Aura) and George (Mice On Mars), and record-holding three-time guest Kiran Leonard. The performances were brilliant and each highlighted a different side of Johnston's music - we had loud and quiet, tender and chaotic, sad and funny... A huge thanks to all the guests for making it a special evening. Check the show out below!

Dig That Treasure (25/10/19)
Daniel Johnston - Grievances
Martha Skye Murphy - Cathy Cline (live in studio)
Martha Skye Murphy - Some Things Last A Long Time (live in studio)
Martha Skye Murphy - Devil Town (live in studio)
Daniel Johnston - Silly Love
Daniel Johnston - Evening Stars
Daniel Johnston - I Will
Brad + George - Don't Play Cards With Satan (live in studio)
Brad + George - Funeral Home (live in studio)
Daniel Johnston - High Horse
Daniel Johnston - Mountain Top
Kiran Leonard - Lullaby (live in studio)
Kiran Leonard - Oh No (live in studio)
Daniel Johnston - Life In Vain
Daniel Johnston - Worried Shoes

Resonance FM 22/10/19 (Le Guess Who? II - Grupo Pilon)

The second in Dig That Treasure's Le Guess Who? preview. This week Tony from Cape Verdean band Grupo Pilon took over the show, selecting five of his favourite Cape Verdean songs. It's a great collection of tunes - check it out below! Le Guess Who? takes place in Utrecht from the 7th to 10th of November. Remaining tickets can be found here.

Dig That Treasure (22/10/19)
Paulino Vieira - Prece Di um Tidjo
Bana - Canta Cu Alma Magoada
Tulipa Negra - Corpo Limpo
Tubaroes - Djonsinho Cabral
Bulimundo - Brageru

Resonance FM 15/10/19 (Le Guess Who?)

Tonight was the first of three episodes previewing Le Guess Who? festival (7-11th November). I played amazing tunes from artists appearing on the bill, from Greece to India, via Cape Verde, Norway and Somalia. Next week's episode sees Cape Verdean band Grupo Pilon take over the show. The following week's follows the same premise, with Norwegian collective DNA? AND? taking over the show.

Dig That Treasure (15/10/19)
Isokratisses - Ξενιτεμένο μου πουλί - πολυφωνικό
Grupo Pilon - St'a Contente
Vilde Tuv - Cellevevet
The Raincoats - Family Treet
Dur-Dur Band - Hayeelin
Asha Puthli - Hari Om

Resonance FM 8/10/19

Tunes from Afghanistan, Poland and Ethiopia, as well as a little celebration of the eccentric rapper Danny Brown - spinning two of the finest tunes to have been sampled in his music.

Dig That Treasure (8/10/19)
Syrinx - Aurora Spinray
Ahmad Zahir - Bahar E Man Azar As Now
Piotr Kurek - Becoming Light
Georges Teperino - Minor Mind
Roha Band - Ferait Weyni
Embryo - People From Out The Space

Resonance FM 1/10/19

Interesting bunch here, ranging from Sweden to Ethiopia to Tajikistan to Felixstowe. Closed with a new one from London artist Hogarth.

Dig That Treasure (1/10/19)
Siw Malmkvist & Umberto Marcato - Sole Sole Sole
Rimarimba - Pacific
Rimarimba - From 6 To 13
Muluken Melesse - Lakilign
Khurmo Shirinova - Paidot Kardam
Hogarth - Chin Up And Smile