Slow Dance Radio 25/5/20

Back on Slow Dance's lockdown radio. A quite bonkers mix - kicked off with some PC Music and a touch of Steps nightcore before slowing it down with some easy-listening. Then jumped into a bit of Ween, before doing a quick pan-African tour, and ending with a cover of Elvis's 'Suspicious Minds' from Sweden.

Dig That Treasure (25/5/20)
DJ Warlord - Never Ending War
100 Gecs - Stupid Horse (GFOTY & Count Baldor remix)
Steps - 5, 6, 7, 8 (DTT Nightcore mix)
A. G. Cook - Unlimited Wifi
Dreamtrak - Odyssey Pt.2
Doopees - Some Day, That Place In Time
Tak Shindo - Safari To Kenya
Zespół Instrumentalny Marka Sewena - Stranger In The Night
Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra - Лютня
Pete Drake - Forever
Z-Rock Hawaii - I Get A Little Taste Of You
Ween - Pandy Fackler
Ween - Hey There Fancy Pants
Mogontafe Sacko - Mogontafe Sacko
Groupe Still Waters - Zerenion (Le Géranium)
Teshome Meteku - Mot Adeladlogn
Ouayoro Gohi Chantal - Daniel
Eilert Pilarm - Suspicious Minds


Resonance FM 19/5/20

Started this show in Japan, with YMO's Yukihiro Takahashi doing Italian Eurovision, and ended it in Poland, with Bałtyk's Elverumian earworm 'Clear Acetate (Cherries)'. Along the way I span Ben Zeki De Roa of the Ivory Coast, Mahmoud Awad's acid dabke, French harpist Ange Halliwell, and Italian American synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani.

Dig That Treasure (19/5/20)
Yukihiro Takahashi - Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)
Ben Zeki De Roa - Louê
Mahmoud Awad - الفتيات, الفتيات, الفتيات (Girls, Girls, Girls)
Ange Halliwell - Autumn Interlude - Sarahsson
Suzanne Ciani - Birth Of Venus
Bałtyk - Clear Acetate (Cherries)

Resonance FM 12/5/20

Bookended this show with brand new music. More Eaze's 'Progress In Therapy', released on Orange Milk Records in April, opened the show. To close the show I played Zellerbach, the lead single from Aaron Space & His Terrestrial's debut album Fishland. The record's out on Moon Glyph on May 22nd. In between, I span Johnny Dupont's organ interpretation of Ebb Tide, a track from Portuguese musician Negra Branca (also of Gnod), and a lovely sprawling song from Oromo Ethiopian singer Abebe Abeshu.

Dig That Treasure (12/5/20)
More Eaze - Progress In Therapy (Feat. Claire Rousay)
Johnny Dupont - Ebb Tide
Negra Branca - O Espatelar Do Linho
Abebe Abeshu - Ya Shagge Burtukana Koo
Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings - Zellerbach

Resonance FM 5/5/20

This episode kicked off with a recording of Pink Shabab live on Quarantunes, a YouTube channel that has been hosting livestream gigs during lockdown. I had the privilege of curating last Friday's show, with Pink Shabab, Platonica Erotica, Julian Lynch and Martha Skye Murphy performing live from their homes to celebrate the launch of Elevate. You can catch up on the whole stream here. Next up was the beautiful 'Kajyadhi Fu Bushi', which sounds like traditional Japanese folk music with Pet Sounds arrangements (the beds of horns, particularly). That was followed by K. K.'s No. 2 of Ghana, and a duo of tunes from the brilliant Zach Phillips. The Wiregrass singers' gospel/Sacred Harp music followed, before I closed with Jockstrap's new single.

Dig That Treasure (5/5/20)
Pink Shabab - If Only I Could Hold You One More Time (Live On Quarantunes)
Jun Arasak And Nine Sheep - Kajyadhi Fu Bushi
K. K.'s No. 2 - Odo Ye Wu Fie
Zach Phillips - Playing Dumb [Kalmia Traver]
Zach Phillips - A Week Of Sundays [Derek Baron]
Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers - Give Me Just A Little More Time
Jockstrap - The City