Resonance FM 15/10/23

Dig That Treasure (15/10/23)
The Wild Classical Music Ensemble - Train Station
Pazza Fanfano Di Musica - Sospiri Del Fiore
Psychic TV - The Orchids
Fievel Is Glauque - I’m Scanning Things I Can’t See
a.P.A.t.T. - It Keeps Going
Dean Rodney Jr & The Cowboys - Blue Stars
Too Hot For Candy - Candyland
Helene Vogelsinger - Cognitive Dissonance
Inventions - Outlook For The Future
Läuten Der Seele - Molch, Pfütze, Schilf & Stein (excerpt)
Ánde Somby - Gadni (Spirit Of The Mountain)
Yilma Hailu - Track 5
Mary Lou Williams - St. Martin De Porres
Eva May - Home Before Dark