Resonance FM 15/12/20

This episode was the last of the current series. I may be back after Christmas, we shall see. For now, though, enjoy one of the best episodes in a long time. My guest - rare in this moment - was Joe of Late Works, who came on the show to discuss the new Late Works project of Noise. Inspired by Futurist artist Luigi Russolo's The Art of Noises, Late Works' of Noise is an album consisting of six tracks, each one written, performed and recorded by a group of artists using one-off handmade instruments in a six hour window. These instruments (or sculptures, neither Joe or I are certain) were created specially for the project. The groups of artists - featuring the likes of Martha Skye Murphy, Kiran Leonard, Horse Whisperer, Jerskin Fendrix and members of Black Midi and 404 - could only use these instruments/sculptures to create their tracks. All lyrics and music had to be written and recorded in the six hour window. In our chat, Joe runs through a number of influences on the project, not least Russolo himself, and elucidates on the creative processes that went into of Noise. The album will be released on the 18th of December via Slow Dance Records.

Dig That Treasure (15/12/20)
Luigi Russolo - Serenata
Mark Leckey - Green Screen Refrigerator
Luigi Russolo - Ronzatore
Luigi Russolo - Corale
Tom Waits - Just Another Sucker On The Vine
Daphne Oram - Adwick High School No.3
Martha Skye Murphy, Kiran Leonard, Corpse Boy, Cajm - unmenacingly violent
Jean Tinguely - Méta Harmonie I
Daphne Oram - Adwick High School No.1

Resonance FM 8/12/20

There was an old school feel to this episode. A combination of diversity, warmth and excitement made for an archetypical DTT - perhaps only missing an Ethiopian track. I stopped off in the Soviet Union, Senegal, Japan and Madagascar, and played a brand new one-four track. As always, you can listen below.

Dig That Treasure (8/12/20)
Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra - Siberian Melody
Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra - Dancing Dwarves
Thione Seck - The La Force
Meitei / 冥丁 - Kintsugi / 金継ぎ
Meitei / 冥丁 - Oiran II / 花魁 II
one-four - it happens, occurs, befalls, comes to pass
Vaiavy Chila - Kamarady Nouveauté

Resonance FM 1/12/20 (Ethiopia)

Righto, my computer fucked up and wiped my iTunes library. I'm trying to write a short essay on why that is so dislocating and traumatic for me - not least because it's where I organise and catalogue my DTT shows. Anyway, I quickly put together 5 of my favourite Ethiopian tracks as an emergency show. Enjoy!

Dig That Treasure (1/12/20)
Roha Band - Maebel (feat. Neway Debebe)
Alem Kebede - Shemma Tal
Alèmayèhu Eshèté - Tikur Gissila
Mahmoud Ahmed - Be Leselese Qu'al
Bezawork Asfaw - Tezeta

Resonance FM 24/11/20

This episode was largely made up of cover versions and contemporary avant-garde electronic music. So: I started off with a nose flute cover of 'God Only Knows' - perhaps a bit viral for this show, but good nonetheless. After that, a Dusty Springfield cover from Japanese oddball Kiyohiko Senba and his troupe the Haniwa All-Stars. Another track from them followed, as did Dean Blunt's melancholic and very funny TROLL and Julek Ploski's adventurous and cacophonous "saxophone-rock opera," both released this year. I span a track from South African singer Ntombi Ndaba before ending with yet another cover and one of this year's best, Sega Bodega and Oklou's lockdown-era collaborative acapella version of Mauro Picotto's trance classic 'Komodo'.

Dig That Treasure (24/11/20)
Will Grove-White - God Only Nose
Kiyohiko Senba & His Haniwa All-Stars - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Kiyohiko Senba & His Haniwa All-Stars - Sports Festival
Dean Blunt - TROLL (feat. Joanne Robertson & Vegyn)
Julek Ploski - My Music
Ntombi Ndaba - Flood
Sega Bodega & Oklou - Komodo

Resonance FM 17/11/20

Kicked off with a bouncy, springy load of poing from DJ Shoe on Air Max 97's Decisions label before spinning Yugoslavian "mountain drone," Momus's squeaky sorrowful 'Widow Twanky', some more Henry Cow, contemporary Ethiopian pop and some Colombian cumbia. To close, I played Joousama's bonker Queen medley.

Dig That Treasure (17/11/20)
DJ Shoe - Poing
Kula Vavilonska - Monasi Projkletija VI
Momus - Widow Twanky
Henry Cow - War
Geremew Gualu - Sim Alew Gonder
Gerardo Sanson & Fred McDonald - Danza Negra
Joousama - Joousamamonogatari

Resonance FM 10/11/20

Kermit The Frog? David Lee Roth? James Brown? Nonsense? It can only mean one thing: The Bran Flakes. Three tunes by the iconic plunderphonics novelty-pop duo were followed by tracks from Japan, Poland, Nepal and Zimbabwe, with a bit of "comfy synth" thrown in for good measure.

Dig That Treasure (10/11/20)
The Bran Flakes - Good Times A Goo Goo
The Bran Flakes - Nonsense
The Bran Flakes - Van Pop
長谷川白紙 - 怖いところ
長谷川白紙 - あなただけ
M Grechuta - Childhood Portrait
Namdup Lepcha - Namko Kusa
The Shakespearean Frog - Oh My Darling
Comrade Chinx - Vanhu Vemu Africa

Resonance FM 3/11/20

From Chile to the Sahara to Poland, via Goldsmiths, Cambridge and a West Midlands send-up.

Dig That Treasure (3/11/20)
Los Jaivas - Piano Introducción
Księżyc - Mglista
Lizzy Laurance - Famous
Veyrouz Mint Seymali - Tendeynidane
Ted Chippington - Atmosphere
Ted Chippington - She Loves You
Henry Cow - Viva Pa Ubu

Resonance FM 27/10/20

This week's show was a tribute to Zach Phillips, the composer, multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, engineer, harmonist, label boss, philosopher, egalitarian, collaborator and king of the so-called "underground." I played ten tracks that featured Zach in some capacity, most of which are available from his label OSR Tapes - a not-for-profit label "trafficking mostly in sub rosa, arcane songwriterly music of culturally unintelligible & often uncertain representational politics." Over the years, Zach has floated in the same circles as Chris Cohen (whose project Cryptacize is responsible for the name Dig That Treasure), Adrian Knight and Ed Askew (both of whom featured on my 2016 compilation A Home and have made mixes for the blog; Adrian also did a session for this show back in 2014). His music is always surprisingly, always thoughtful and always tuneful. Dig into the world of ZP below (I've listed the vocalists that appear on each song in the tracklist)!

Dig That Treasure (27/10/20)
Blanche Blanche Blanche - That's Okay [Sarah Smith]
Grendel's Mother - Heart Made Of Rust [Jazz Adam]
Grendel's Mother - Too Much Going On [Jazz Adam]
Blanche Blanche Blanche - I Can Pay [Sarah Smith]
Blanche Blanche Blanche - Look's Don't Run [Sarah Smith]
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Happy [Tori Kudo]
Zach Phillips - Case Closed [Zach Phillips]
Lilith Outcome - How Can It Taste So Good? [Zach Phillips]
Zach Phillips - Four Minutes To Play [Ani Ivry-Block]
Zach Phillips - Mistress Of The Junior Professed [Sophie Dickinson]

Resonance FM 20/10/20 (Canon)


I took a mid-season pause from discovering and playing new music. Instead, this episode is a canon-building exercise. I like the idea of having certain songs that represent Dig That Treasure, that sound like the show no matter how different they are to one another. Primarily, these songs are among my favourites that I've played previously on the show. They also provide a great short survey of what the show is. So, I played tunes from Ethiopia, Japan, Syria, Cambodia, France and the US. Lots of bases cover: experimental new-wave, toe-tapping dabke, comedic squiggly pop, coarse US folk, and so on. I close the show with the eponymous 'Dig That Treasure' by Cryptacize. Listen below and learn!

Dig That Treasure (20/10/20)
Bezunesh Bekele - Sintun Ayehu Bante
Susan - Ah Soka!
Mohamed Al Ali - Mili Alay
Prum Manh - Two Wives Are Twice The Trouble
Clement Gourand - Cap Horn
Old Harp Singers Of Eastern Tennessee - Ocean
Cryptacize - Dig That Treasure

Resonance FM 13/10/20

Times and places. Lots of them. Nigeria in the 80s? Yep. American session player for Elvis, Buddy and Frank with bongos to boot? Uh-huh. Drone from former Yugoslavia? Sure thing. Transcendent Soundcloud experiments from down under? Bengali folk from Bagula? Zappa-inspired Japanese prog of the 90s? Yes, yes and yes. It's all there and it's all great.

Dig That Treasure (13/10/20)
Dizzy K - No Dime
Al Caiola - Dance Of The Spanish Onion
Al Caiola - Steel Guitar Rag
SKK - Tema 8
Noah - Eliya
Gosto Gopal Das - Jivan Nadir Ghurnipake
Tipographica - Forest Tipographical II

Resonance FM 6/10/20

This week's show started with the playful percussion of Gianni Meccia's 'Io Lavoro' (performed with Ennio Morricone's orchestra). Folk followed: The Young Tradition, a British group active in the 60s, performed the Medieval folk tune 'Agincourt Carol', before two songs by the "Finnish Woody Guthrie," Hiski Salomaa. A change in direction saw us visit the cosmos with the mysterious Somali tune 'Naga Tag, Kac Hooyaa', before a proper synth pop banger from Taiwanese singer Louise Tsuei. I closed the show with London pianist and composer Eriksson Kaner's new track 'In Convalescence'.

Dig That Treasure (6/10/20)
Gianni Meccia - Io Lavoro
The Young Tradition - The Agincourt Carol
Hiski Salomaa - Vanhanpiian Polkka
Hiski Salomaa - Dahlmannin Paartit
Libaaxyada Maaweeliska Banaadir - Naga Tag, Kac Hooyaa
Louise Tsuei - I Am Ob The Way To You And You
Eriksson Kaner - In Convalescence (ft O The Ghost)

Resonance FM 29/9/20


Continued where I left off last week with another interpretation of the gospel track 'That's Alright', this time by Swedish musician Håkan Hellström who took Laura Rivers' performance and added to it a beautiful string arrangement. The tone changed significantly with a trio of upbeat rhythmic tracks - first from Germany, with Fix & Fertig, then Cheb Djalal of Algeria, then finally Somalia's Hibo Nuura. Brought the tone down again with two tracks from pianist Olga Wojciechowska's serene new EP out on A Strangely Isolated Place before closing the show with one of my favourite discoveries of the 'lockdown' period, Leti.

Dig That Treasure (29/9/20)
Håkan Hellström - Du gamla (That's Alright Since My Soul Got a Seat Up in the Kingdom)
Fix & Fertig - Cube Carrelage Blanc
Cheb Djalal - Rani Maghroum
Hibo Nuura - Heesta Qunbacasho
Olga Wojciechowska - Labyrinth Made Of Labyrinths
Olga Wojciechowska - Organised Delusions
Leti - Lady Rosa's Moonlight Theme

Resonance FM 22/9/20

Just four tracks this week, but one is 12 minutes so quit your moaning! Kicked off with the beautiful and eerie 'Susanna' by Japanese singer Yoko Ueno. Next was a callback to last week's show, in which I play the gospel tune 'That's Alright', as sung by Laura Rivers. This week it was evangelist Willie Mae Smith's turn, giving the song the full-band Baptist treatment. Following that, a little bite of Italian MOR, courtesy of Matia Bazar, before I closed the show with Horse Whisperer's 'Planctae'. Horse Whisperer is Max Syed-Tollan, a Scottish composer and multi-disciplinary artist whose 'Planctae/8 Fictions' is available via GLARC.

Dig That Treasure (22/9/20)
Yoko Ueno - Susanna
Willie Mae Smith - That's Alright
Matia Bazar - Solo Tu
Horse Whisperer - Planctae

Resonance FM 15/9/20

Episode two of the new series, series #71532. Lotsa gems here: the opener from Silvia Tarozzi's new record out on Unseen Worlds right now, as well as new stuff from Detente on the Slagwerk label, sandwiched either side of Turkish singer-songwriter Selda Bağcan's beautiful vocals. A double whammy of Bollywood soundtracking and Ethiopian wedding music followed, before I closed the show with the gospel tune 'That's Alright', as sung by Laura Rivers.

Dig That Treasure (15/9/20)
Silvia Tarozzi - Al Cancello
Selda Bağcan - Bülbül
Detente - I Pass By
Detente - In Dreams
Swarnalatha & Mano - Andhiyile Vaanam
Demere Legese - Serg
Laura Rivers - That's Alright (Since My Soul Has Got A Seat Up In The Kingdom)

Resonance FM 8/9/20

After over two months away Dig That Treasure returned to Resonance for yet another series - don't ask me how many there have been, I wouldn't know. Kicked off in style, though, with Veno Marioghae's awesome electro funk jam 'Nigeria Go Survive'. Span selections from Yemenite Jewish singer Tsvia Abarbanel, Can's Holger Czukay, Japanese ambient musician Zeze Wakamatsu and minimalist new waver Masumi Hara before closing with Carol Kay's (no "e") rare soul cut 'This Time You're Wrong'.

Dig That Treasure (8/9/20)
Veno Marioghae - Nigeria Go Survive
Tsvia Abarbanel - Mi Nishkani
Holger Czukay - Persian Love
Zeze Wakamatsu - Fog Diver
Masumi Hara - Blue Night
Carol Kay - This Time You're Wrong

Resonance FM 23/6/20

Brand new music from R McCarthy, Sean O'Hagan and Ammar 808, as well as tunes from Senegal to Spain and beyond.

Dig That Treasure (23/6/20)
Soda Mama - Maleye Wo
R McCarthy - Kissing
Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom - Distant Space
Sean O'Hagan - The Wild Are Welcome
Zikiri Abdoulaye Cisse - Sababougnouma Dokibarou Bokan
Rebe - Cuki Q Me Has Exo En Directo
Ammar 808 feat Susha - Marivere Gati

Resonance FM 16/6/20

From Azerbaijani guitar music to Algerian dance, via Japanese pop, Austrian library music, gamelan hybrid, a McFly cover and a France Gall cover.

Dig That Treasure (16/6/20)
Rüstəm Quliyev - Gəl Inad Etmə (Şur təsnifi)
Toyoshima Tazumi - Tomadoi Twilight
Teddy Windholz - Spinnenjagd
Metalworks - Parrot Soup
Good With Parents - Star Girl
The Honeymoon Killers - Laisse Tomber Les Filles
Cheb Khalass et Ghania - Daouar Daouar

Resonance FM 9/6/20

Jam-packed episode here, opening with a trio of songs from Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento (featuring one of the greatest middle eights you'll hear), French jazzers André Paquinet and Benny Vasseur, and Singaporean skifflers Tayib Ridon and Orkes Zindega. Couple of tunes from the American avant-gardist Rebby Sharp's incredible In One Mouth And Out The Other followed, before a tune from the legendary Ethiopian oldies singer Kennedy Mengesha and, finally, some Sega music from Réunion courtesy of Les Soul Men.

Dig That Treasure (9/6/20)
Milton Nascimento - Canção Do Novo Mundo
André Paquinet, Benny Vasseur et leur Orchestre - Oui, Va Plus Loin (Walk On By)
Tayib Ridon & Orkes Zindegi - Lambaian Mu
Rebby Sharp - Some Men
Rebby Sharp - Gimmee Back My 15¢
Kennedy Mengesha - Delash Woy Mengedu
Les Soul Men - Defoule Sega

Resonance FM 2/6/20

On this show I span tunes selected by the artists who contributed to Elevate. In the weeks leading up to the album's release, I asked each of the contributors to name three songs, albums, artists or radio shows that they had been listening to. The full selections are available to view on Instagram. I kicked off with one of Julian Lynch's selections, Motohiko Hamase's Intaglio, before playing music suggested by Kot Kot (Novella Matveyeva), Tara Clerkin (Ruth Garbus), Julian Lynch again (Boredoms), Pink Shabab (Villa Box), Masahiro Takahashi (Ruoh) and Ted Mair (Karen Dalton).

Dig That Treasure (2/6/20)
Motohiko Hamase - インタリヨ (Intaglio)
Новелла Матвеева (Novella Matveyeva) - Дома без крыш (Houses Without Roofs)
Ruth Garbus - My Apple
Boredoms - 52 Boredom (Club Mix)
Villa Box - Break De Rua (Versão Longa)
Ruoh - Ma
Karen Dalton - Are You Leaving For The Country?

Resonance FM 26/5/20

Contemporary Japanese alt-rock. Freaks & Geeks soundtrack. Romanian light jazz. Ethiopian and Ivorian tracks. 'Suspicious Minds' sung badly. I've got it all. Down below.

Dig That Treasure (26/5/20)
春ねむり (Haru Nemuri) - Riot
Shintaro Sakamoto - Disco Is (Syunsuke Ono Remix)
Michael Andrews - Porno Music
Trio Grigoriu - Numai Zambet, Numai Cantec
Asselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - Metche New
Ouayoro Chantal - Daniel
Eilert Pilarm - Suspicious Minds

Slow Dance Radio 25/5/20

Back on Slow Dance's lockdown radio. A quite bonkers mix - kicked off with some PC Music and a touch of Steps nightcore before slowing it down with some easy-listening. Then jumped into a bit of Ween, before doing a quick pan-African tour, and ending with a cover of Elvis's 'Suspicious Minds' from Sweden.

Dig That Treasure (25/5/20)
DJ Warlord - Never Ending War
100 Gecs - Stupid Horse (GFOTY & Count Baldor remix)
Steps - 5, 6, 7, 8 (DTT Nightcore mix)
A. G. Cook - Unlimited Wifi
Dreamtrak - Odyssey Pt.2
Doopees - Some Day, That Place In Time
Tak Shindo - Safari To Kenya
Zespół Instrumentalny Marka Sewena - Stranger In The Night
Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra - Лютня
Pete Drake - Forever
Z-Rock Hawaii - I Get A Little Taste Of You
Ween - Pandy Fackler
Ween - Hey There Fancy Pants
Mogontafe Sacko - Mogontafe Sacko
Groupe Still Waters - Zerenion (Le Géranium)
Teshome Meteku - Mot Adeladlogn
Ouayoro Gohi Chantal - Daniel
Eilert Pilarm - Suspicious Minds


Resonance FM 19/5/20

Started this show in Japan, with YMO's Yukihiro Takahashi doing Italian Eurovision, and ended it in Poland, with Bałtyk's Elverumian earworm 'Clear Acetate (Cherries)'. Along the way I span Ben Zeki De Roa of the Ivory Coast, Mahmoud Awad's acid dabke, French harpist Ange Halliwell, and Italian American synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani.

Dig That Treasure (19/5/20)
Yukihiro Takahashi - Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)
Ben Zeki De Roa - Louê
Mahmoud Awad - الفتيات, الفتيات, الفتيات (Girls, Girls, Girls)
Ange Halliwell - Autumn Interlude - Sarahsson
Suzanne Ciani - Birth Of Venus
Bałtyk - Clear Acetate (Cherries)

Resonance FM 12/5/20

Bookended this show with brand new music. More Eaze's 'Progress In Therapy', released on Orange Milk Records in April, opened the show. To close the show I played Zellerbach, the lead single from Aaron Space & His Terrestrial's debut album Fishland. The record's out on Moon Glyph on May 22nd. In between, I span Johnny Dupont's organ interpretation of Ebb Tide, a track from Portuguese musician Negra Branca (also of Gnod), and a lovely sprawling song from Oromo Ethiopian singer Abebe Abeshu.

Dig That Treasure (12/5/20)
More Eaze - Progress In Therapy (Feat. Claire Rousay)
Johnny Dupont - Ebb Tide
Negra Branca - O Espatelar Do Linho
Abebe Abeshu - Ya Shagge Burtukana Koo
Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings - Zellerbach

Resonance FM 5/5/20

This episode kicked off with a recording of Pink Shabab live on Quarantunes, a YouTube channel that has been hosting livestream gigs during lockdown. I had the privilege of curating last Friday's show, with Pink Shabab, Platonica Erotica, Julian Lynch and Martha Skye Murphy performing live from their homes to celebrate the launch of Elevate. You can catch up on the whole stream here. Next up was the beautiful 'Kajyadhi Fu Bushi', which sounds like traditional Japanese folk music with Pet Sounds arrangements (the beds of horns, particularly). That was followed by K. K.'s No. 2 of Ghana, and a duo of tunes from the brilliant Zach Phillips. The Wiregrass singers' gospel/Sacred Harp music followed, before I closed with Jockstrap's new single.

Dig That Treasure (5/5/20)
Pink Shabab - If Only I Could Hold You One More Time (Live On Quarantunes)
Jun Arasak And Nine Sheep - Kajyadhi Fu Bushi
K. K.'s No. 2 - Odo Ye Wu Fie
Zach Phillips - Playing Dumb [Kalmia Traver]
Zach Phillips - A Week Of Sundays [Derek Baron]
Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers - Give Me Just A Little More Time
Jockstrap - The City

Resonance FM 28/4/20

Another Elevate-themed show. This time I exclusively span tracks from the record, kicking off with Platonica Erotica's beautifully melancholic 'Safe In Adoration (Home Edition)' and ending with Norwegian improv collective DNA? AND?'s 'Wiwalu Wiwayu Maskat'. Between those were cuts by Pink Shabab, Woo, Tara Clerkin and Ted Mair - four wickedly interesting and intelligent pieces of music that I'm very proud to have on the record. Elevate was released on April 27th. You can buy the album here.

Dig That Treasure (28/4/20)
Platonica Erotica - Safe In Adoration (Home Edition)
Pink Shabab - I Was Just A Boy
Woo - The French One
Tara Clerkin - I Know He Will (Rework)
Ted Mair - 10 Rings Deep
DNA? AND? - Wiwalu Wiwayu Maskat

Slow Dance Radio 27/4/20

Slow Dance Radio has taken a new lockdown-friendly form and has been airing some fantastic stuff - not least SD boss Marco Pini's "Quarantini" (where he's spun tracks from DTT friends Platonica Erotica and Ted Mair). I put together a special hour-long mix which was aired on Elevate's release day. It includes tracks from Elevate sandwiched between other favourites of mine from the likes of Blanche Blanche Blanche, Eartheater and Jun Arasaki & Nine Sheep. It's a mostly very gentle and meditative mix. Check it out below.

Dig That Treasure (27/4/20)
Eartheater - Peripheral
Spectral Park & Kot Kot - Surok
Masahiro Takahashi - Cloud Bed
Jun Arasaki & Nine Sheep - Kajyadhi Fu Bushi
Metalworks - Parrot Soup
Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings - (Blues) In 0rbit
Wyatt, Atzmon, Stephen - Round Midnight
Woo - See My Brother In Surbiton
Sam Eskin - A Hundred Years Ago
Blanche Blanche Blanche - I Can Pay
Julian Lynch - Big Minute #3
Woo - Try A Little Tenderness
Martha Skye Murphy - Devil Town
Tara Nome Doyle / Henning Schmiedt - Still Natt
Deorc Weg - Hollow Catacombs IV
Masahiro Takahashi - Dancers



Very excited to release Elevate, the second Dig That Treasure! compilation album. Twelve incredible tracks for £5, all of which will go to the charity CALM. Featuring: Platonica Erotica, Spectral Park & Kot Kot, Litter Frog, Pink Shabab, Woo, Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings, DNA? AND?, Julian Lynch, Tara Clerkin, Ted Mair, Martha Skye Murphy and Masahiro Takahashi. Stream and buy below!

Resonance FM 21/4/20

Back to business as usual after a short interlude of re-runs. On this episode I played a track from Jerskin Fendrix's phenomenal debut album before spinning tracks from Japanese singer and actress Yukako Hayase and Martin Newell's influential DIY rock project Cleaners From Venus. A triptych of top tracks followed, starting with Moondog's charming 'My Tiny Butterfly', followed by a solo reed performance of some sort from Cameroon, and finally a lovely track from the "Queen of Czechoslovakian chanson." To close the show I premiered Masahiro Takahashi's new track 'Dancers', the final song on the new Dig That Treasure compilation album Elevate. Takahashi's beautiful and otherworldly closer is the last of twelve amazing songs - he is preceded by Platonica Erotica, Spectral Park & Kot Kot, Litter Frog, Pink Shabab, Woo, Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings, DNA? AND?, Julian Lynch, Tara Clerkin, Ted Mair and Martha Skye Murphy. Elevate is released in full on April 27th. You can preorder the album here.

Dig That Treasure (21/4/20)
Jerksin Fendrix - I'll Clean Your Sheets
Yukako Hayase - 2/3 Amino Co Dé Ji
Cleaners From Venus - Don't Step On My Rainbow
Moondog - My Tiny Butterfly
n/a - Tilibartsi Solo
Hana Hegerová - Potměšilý Host
Masahiro Takahashi - Dancers

Resonance FM 24/3/20 (Litter Frog)

We may be on lockdown but I'll still try and bring guests onto the show! This week I had the brilliant Kurdish-British multimedia artist and noise-maker Litter Frog. She put together a twenty-minute mix of cutting-edge electronic and experimental music, featuring brand new tunes from the likes of Rouble and JuniorXL. Follow @litterfrog on Instagram or check out her portfolio site.

Dig That Treasure (24/3/20)
Chris Speed - Dog Hair
Loraine James - ALB19 10
Rouble - Tatlong Bibe Finger
Sugai Ken, Ben Vince & Andrew Pekler - Crape Myrtle MSTR
JuniorXL - Ferogoblin
Babyfather - Bubble

Resonance FM 10/3/20

Really happy with the selections here - I kicked of with the great Japanese folk group Kaeru-moku, stopped off by Russian avant-gardist Leonid Fedorov, Taiwanese bit-popper Joanna Wang, Malian disco singer Niama Makalou and US experimentalists Blanche Blanche Blanche before closing with an old French-language Julia Holter recording.

Dig That Treasure (10/3/20)
かえる目 (Kaeru-moku) - 拝借 (Borrow)
Леонид Фёдоров (Leonid Fedorov) - Музыка моя (My Music)
Леонид Фёдоров (Leonid Fedorov) - Старец (Elder)
Joanna Wang - You And Me
Niama Makalou & African Soul Band - Kognokoura
Blanche Blanche Blanche - Look At Me Now
Blanche Blanche Blanche - Why The Candle Burns
Julia Shammas Holter - Je Vivroie Liement

Resonance FM 3/3/2020

Started with a kazoo-orchestra(/choir?) version of 'Teddy Bears' Picnic' and ended with a solemn electronic-choral interpretation of Bach's 'Erbarm dich mein, oh Herre Gott'. How do you travel from one pole to another in five songs? Via Copenhagen experimentalist Panxing, Karena Marie's Del Shannon cover, two examples of house-inspired African music (one Angolan, the other South African), and a traditional Romanian tune. That's how.

Dig That Treasure (3/3/20)
Piggleswick Folk - Teddy Bears' Picnic
Panxing - Reveal
Karena Marie - Runaway
Costuleta - Que Me Mata
New Jack City - Abiba
Alla Baianova - Chiar De-a Fost
Arandel - Hysope

Resonance FM 25/2/20

From messy collage to keyboard meditation, via Bulgaria, Indonesia, Japan and Ethiopia. Lots of variety here, so tune in and tants!

Dig That Treasure (25/2/20)
People Like Us & Wobbly - Understanding You
Margarita Hranova - Tants
Tuty Subardjo - Turun Kebawah
Yanti Bersaudara - Bunga Mawar
Keyboard - Ojima
Yumi Murata - 落椿~らくちん~
Demere Legesse - Balezena

Resonance FM 18/2/20

This was a fun episode. I kicked off with Malay rock from A Nandong before playing virtuosic composer Oliver Buckland and a bonkers slice of J-pop by Bakunyu Sangokushi. Two songs from an album of Cosmic Children's Songs followed, before a wicked tune from Ethiopian star Aster Aweke. I closed with some lovely light music courtesy of Russ Morgan.

Dig That Treasure (18/2/20)
A Nandong & De'Fictions - Senjakala
Oliver Buckland - Espial
Bakunyu Sangokushi - Bakunyu Ondo
Nikolay Stenski - Tale of the Old Turtle
Thomas Natschinski - Robotertanz
Aster Aweke - Ayachehut Wey
Russ Morgan & His Orchestra - What Do You Know About Love?

Resonance FM 11/2/20

Jam-packed nine-song episode here, touching down in Ghana, Lithuania, France, Peru, Argentina, Ethiopia and Japan. Something for everyone - tune in below.

Dig That Treasure (11/2/20)
Kwamena Ray Ellis - Sasabonsam
Pulsallama - Ungawa Pt.2
Liaudies Muzikos Teatro Trupė - Šešios
Arandel ft. Petra Haden - Prelude No.2 in C Minor
Tomás Tello - Jauja
Gustavo Obligado - Gaoh el Gigante
Tewodros Tadesse and Asefu Debalike - Atbabi Sleyish
Jockstrap - Acid
Hiroko Hayashi - Good Night

Resonance FM 4/2/20

I ended this show with a bit of an anomaly, a song by a well-known group signed to a well-known label and who are still touring large venues across the world. Still, the particular track played, an instrumental version of the the beautiful and intricate '(I Wanna) Feel It All' by Dirty Projectors is the b-side to the most slept-on song on an arguably overlooked album... Beyond that I had some great obscurities and oddities: from the godfathers of outsider pop Wilson and Moore to Japanese actress/singer Sachiko Nashida, via the lesser-known American guitarist C'est What?!, Italian lounge legend Piero Umiliani (Ruscigan), Taiwanese singer Chai Mi Mi and the inimitable Yeshimebet Dubale with Fasil Demoz.

Dig That Treasure (4/2/20)
Gary Wilson & R. Stevie Moore - If I Could Only Be With You
Yeshimebet Dubale & Fasil Demoz - Yeshiye
Chai Mi Mi - Unforgettable
Ruscigan - Semplice E Bella
C'est What?! - Gentle Flight
Sachiko Nashida - Chin Chin Chidori
Dirty Projectors - (I Wanna) Feel It All [Instrumental]

Resonance FM 28/1/20

Particularly happy with this episode, perhaps because beyond the first track - a fiery slice of Malagasy rock 'n' roll - I played mostly gentle music, representative of my recent mood (or rather a mood I aspire to). So, we had: Masahiro Takahashi's beautifully warm 'Cloud Bed', Spectral Park & Kot Kot's Southamptonian-Russian collaboration 'Lesnoy Dorozhkoy', Djiboutian singer Fatouma Mansour's (admittedly more upbeat) pop, Yasuaki Shimizu's sparkly ambience, Tara Nome Doyle's gorgeous 'Stille Natt' and finally Leo Takami's 'Unknown' guitar journey.

Dig That Treasure (28/1/20)
Simon Randria - Mitsangana
Masahiro Takahashi - Cloud Bed
Spectral Park & Kot Kot - Lesnoy Dorozhkoy
Fatouma Mansour - Malab Xoggal Yok Yabbixe
Yasuaki Shimizu - Seiko 3
Tara Nome Doyle & Henning Schmiedt - Stille Natt
Leo Takami - Unknown

Resonance FM 21/1/20

This one's a little all over the shop, with Congolese rumba, Uzbeki synth-pop, abstract post-post-post-post-post-whatever (100 Gecs and Giant Claw), beautiful solo washint (Melaku Gelaw), chilled out Moroccan space organ, and the unclassifiable melodic experiments of Bristol's Tara Clerkin Trio.

Dig That Treasure (21/1/20)
Pépé Kallé - Shikamo Seye
Davron Gaipov - Бу Нима Бу!
100 Gecs - I Need Help Immediately
Giant Claw - Deep Thoughts 001
Melaku Gelaw - Misgana (Praise)
Abdou El Omari - Musika Munreal
Tara Clerkin Trio - Hellenica

Resonance FM 14/1/20

Great tunes from Guadeloupe, Indonesia and Ivory Coast, as well as a Frisian educational rap banger. Also played a song by Shelley Lee Alley of Alleyton, Texas and another song by Woo, this time their interpretation of Try A Little Tenderness.

Dig That Treasure (14/1/20)
Feeling Kréyol - La Guadeloupe
Sipelsop & Sukelade - Fryslân Fan Us
Adele Lahore - Didier Drogba
Waldjinah - Putra Nuswantara
Shelley Lee Alley & His Alley Cats - Oh What A Fool I Have Been
Woo - Try A Little Tenderness

Resonance FM 7/1/20

New year, new series! 2020 kicked off with a bang with Senegalese singer Souleymane Faye, followed by a duo of tunes by one of my favourite bands ever Woo, followed by some Hong Kong soul-pop, followed by a couple of video game soundtracks, finishing with a tune from somewhere - I don't know where. Great songs, great time. Tune in below and enjoy.

Dig That Treasure (7/1/20)
Souleymane Faye - Teylulen
Woo - All Is Well
Woo - How Does Sound Travel
Stella Chee - 天涯海角要找你 (The End of the World Is Looking For You)
Marble Madness OST - Silly Race
MilkCan - Keep Your Head Up
Mogontafe Sacko - Mogontafe Sacko