Resonance FM 18/12/18

A show bookended by two Christmas songs (of sorts). A polka and a glitchy piece. Between them, an organ dirge, some beautiful Korean dream-pop/folktronica, some Pakistani film music, Italian MOR, and an ode (or diss track) to 2018 by Lewis Evans of Jockstrap/Kinder Music/Guildhall Military Orchestra. Thanks to everyone for your support this year! See you in the new year...

Dig That Treasure (18/12/18)
Los Hermanos Ayala - Jingle Bells Polka
Kali Malone - Prelude
공중도둑 (Mid-Air Thief) - 쇠사슬 (Ahhhh, These Chains)
Tafo/Nahid Akhtar - Shola Sa Bharka
Matia Bazar - Solo Tu
Lewis Evans - Dear 2018
World's End Girlfriend - Xmas Song

Resonance FM 11/12/18 (DTT Speechless II)

Another half hour of uninterrupted instrumental and/or "ambient" music. We started with I Am Just A Pupil's tragicomic 'Family Dollar' and ended with some classic Mescherin. Along the way: sound designed Emily A. Sprague, Japanese pioneer Hiroshi Yoshimura, rare/anonymous field recording Portland's Ernest Hood, and a couple of songs from the ace label Tasty Morsels. Put it on as you sleep/study/read.

Dig That Treasure (11/12/18)
I Am Just A Pupil - Family Dollar
Emily A. Sprague - Piano 2 (Mount Vision)
h hunt - wrong ii
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green
naran ratan - jam for bwengo
Ernest Hood - Gloaming
h hunt - pêche (sketches)
Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra - Ночная мелодия (Night Melody)

Resonance FM 4/12/18 (DTT Speechless)

Half an hour of uninterrupted instrumental and/or "ambient" music, from Takashi Kokubo's dreamy water-flute/harp combo, to the Muzak corporation's soullessly pleasant 'C'mon Smile'. Along the way were classics by electronic music pioneers Louis & Bebe Barron, the Haruomi Hosono-produced Inoyama Land, German kosmische group Ashra, Niger's Mammane Sani, Hawaiian slide guitarist Bud Tutmarc, the UK's relatively anonymous JQ, and yet another Kate NV song. Good episode, this. Put it on as you sleep/study/read.

Dig That Treasure (4/12/18)
Takashi Kokubo - 海底の中の夢 (Dreaming In The Deep Sea)
Louis & Bebe Barron - Ancient Krell Music
Inoyama Land - 8-31
Ashra - Deep Distance
Mammane Sani et son Orgue - Tunan
Bud Tutmarc - White Ginger Blossoms
JQ - Goodnight Spider
Kate NV - пес DOG
Muzak LLC - C'Mon Smile