Resonance FM 22/9/20

Just four tracks this week, but one is 12 minutes so quit your moaning! Kicked off with the beautiful and eerie 'Susanna' by Japanese singer Yoko Ueno. Next was a callback to last week's show, in which I play the gospel tune 'That's Alright', as sung by Laura Rivers. This week it was evangelist Willie Mae Smith's turn, giving the song the full-band Baptist treatment. Following that, a little bite of Italian MOR, courtesy of Matia Bazar, before I closed the show with Horse Whisperer's 'Planctae'. Horse Whisperer is Max Syed-Tollan, a Scottish composer and multi-disciplinary artist whose 'Planctae/8 Fictions' is available via GLARC.

Dig That Treasure (22/9/20)
Yoko Ueno - Susanna
Willie Mae Smith - That's Alright
Matia Bazar - Solo Tu
Horse Whisperer - Planctae

Resonance FM 15/9/20

Episode two of the new series, series #71532. Lotsa gems here: the opener from Silvia Tarozzi's new record out on Unseen Worlds right now, as well as new stuff from Detente on the Slagwerk label, sandwiched either side of Turkish singer-songwriter Selda Bağcan's beautiful vocals. A double whammy of Bollywood soundtracking and Ethiopian wedding music followed, before I closed the show with the gospel tune 'That's Alright', as sung by Laura Rivers.

Dig That Treasure (15/9/20)
Silvia Tarozzi - Al Cancello
Selda Bağcan - Bülbül
Detente - I Pass By
Detente - In Dreams
Swarnalatha & Mano - Andhiyile Vaanam
Demere Legese - Serg
Laura Rivers - That's Alright (Since My Soul Has Got A Seat Up In The Kingdom)

Resonance FM 8/9/20

After over two months away Dig That Treasure returned to Resonance for yet another series - don't ask me how many there have been, I wouldn't know. Kicked off in style, though, with Veno Marioghae's awesome electro funk jam 'Nigeria Go Survive'. Span selections from Yemenite Jewish singer Tsvia Abarbanel, Can's Holger Czukay, Japanese ambient musician Zeze Wakamatsu and minimalist new waver Masumi Hara before closing with Carol Kay's (no "e") rare soul cut 'This Time You're Wrong'.

Dig That Treasure (8/9/20)
Veno Marioghae - Nigeria Go Survive
Tsvia Abarbanel - Mi Nishkani
Holger Czukay - Persian Love
Zeze Wakamatsu - Fog Diver
Masumi Hara - Blue Night
Carol Kay - This Time You're Wrong