Resonance FM 21.3.18

An inadvertent Bonkers Pop Special (although isn't every episode?). Kicked off with Keel Her's cover of Robert Wyatt's classic 'Heaps Of Sheeps' and ended with an improvisation on the Star Wars theme by Blue Jazz TV, Adrian Knight's band of "lounge popsters and sophisto DIY slouches." Along the way were tunes by Belgian library musician Jacques Siroul, the wonderful Alem Kebede, Shibuya-Kei group Yukari Fresh, and London weirdo pop group Yola Fatoush.

Dig That Treasure (21/3/18)
Keel Her - Heaps Of Sheeps (Robert Wyatt cover)
Jacques Siroul - Reflets
Alem Kebede - Jemberwa
Yukari Fresh - Yippee To Kate
Yola Fatoush - Skeleton (A. G. Cook remix)
Blue Jazz TV - Theme To Star Wars

Resonance FM 14.3.18

From Niger to France to Japan, via South London, Arizona and t' north... This show featured one of my all-time favourites, Ted Chippington's 'She Loves You', alongside some other scorchers: Mdou Moctar's blues guitar + autotuned vocals, Friandises' brilliantly cheesy synth-pop, Filardo's sweet DIY pop, Horsey's theatrical indie rock, and Kidorikko's great falsetto.

Dig That Treasure (14/3/18)
Mdou Moctar - Tahoultine
Friandises - Les Moules Et Les Frites
Ted Chippington - She Loves You
Filardo - I Can Love You More
Horsey - Park Outside Your Mother's House
Kidorikko - Nikoniko's Shirokama

Resonance FM 7.3.18

Opened with Air Max '97's brilliant but incredibly jarring remix of t.a.t.u.'s 'All The Things She Said' and then spent the remainder of the show trying to compensate. I think it's a great track but am also aware that, er, it's not easy-listening for an FM station at 5pm... So, I followed it with some gorgeous Piero Piccioni and Mariangela, before dropping a Genet Abate song and, finally, a cracker from James Ferraro.

Dig That Treasure (7/3/18)
Air Max '97 - All The Things U Sad (AM97 Rerun)
Piero Piccioni - Blue Sutura
Mariangela - My Dear Life
Genet Abate - Man Lilekih
James Ferraro - Runaway

Resonance FM 28.2.18

This episode included a huge opener by Souleymane Faye, some lounge-funk from Algeria, a Japanese recorder epic, a cut from bo en's video game work, Soviet easy-listening, a Chinese cover of Nancy Sinatra's 'Bang Bang', and awesome accordion work by Lesotho musician Khosi Mosotho Chakela. Whew.

Dig That Treasure (28/2/18)
Souleymane Faye - Teylulen
Ahmed Malek - Omar Gatlato
Nakasako Sakana - ばーちゃんのよこ
Calum Bowen - Lovely City
Balalaika - Tula Samovar
Betty Chung - Bang Bang
Khosi Mosotho Chakela - Nkekebe Ka Tlohela