Leon Bukasa - Congo/Zaire Ya Biso

Leon Bukasa is a Congolese guitarist and singer not stylistically dissimilar to fellow countryman Dr. Nico. There's an interesting backstory to this particular song. Supposedly the song was initially just called 'Congo Ya Biso' but was later renamed 'Congo/Zaire Ya Biso' when the "archetypal African dictator" Mobutu took power and re-identified the country as Zaire. Being a particularly popular musician, Bukasa was often commissioned by Mobutu to compose songs as nationalist propaganda. Despite Mobutu's unpopularity, Bukasa remained a favourite in the - now - Democratic Republic of Congo, and this song is an example of what he does best: dreamy guitar-led soukous music.

Label: Ngoma (?)
Year: 195?
Genre: Soukous, Jazz

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