Resonance FM 22/1/14

Yesterday's Resonance show was a Van Dyke Parks special. I played tracks from across the composer's solo career, as well as songs he's produced or written for other bands and film. As well as Parks's music, I played a track from the Mescherin Orchestra as well as a song from Ethiopia's Girma Bèyènè.

Dig That Treasure (22/1/14):
Van Dyke Parks - The Attic
The Mighty Sparrow - Sparrow Dead
Girma Bèyènè - Enkèn Yèlélèbesh
Mescherin Orchestra - Сибирская мелодия (Siberian Melody)
Harpers Bizarre - Come To The Sunshine
Van Dyke Parks - Opportunity For Two
Van Dyke Parks - City of Light (Brave Little Toaster OST)

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