Resonance FM 5/2/14

Last night's Resonance show featured tracks from Arthur Russell, Italy, Ethiopia, a Chicago pastor and a duo of songs from the Tin Angel roster. I made a lot of mistakes in terms of speech, etc. often having to laugh it off... also, at the beginning of the episode I was messing around with reverb so my voice sounds like it was recorded in a cavern!

Dig That Treasure (5/2/14)
Arthur Russell - Instrumentals A
Ed Askew - Blue Eyed Baby
Doug Tielli - A Dream That I Am
Paolo Casa - Hi Vi
Melkamu Tebeje - Yam Ale Yam Ale
Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Youth for Christ Choir - Nobody Knows

Copyright issues are preventing me from uploading the episode to Soundcloud, hopefully this will be resolved soon. Bear with me. 

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