Julian Lynch - Es's

Julian Lynch needs little introduction. A favourite of mine, the multi-instrumentalist has released several criminally overlooked records over the last few years. These records have seen him develop a sound that weaves together freak folk, electronica, psychedelia and ambience to form a really distinctive, pastoral sound. As an Ethnomusicology PhD student, a profound and audible understanding of global musics and cultures lines all of his works, whether that's rhythmically, melodically or simply in his instrumental choices (clarinet, synthesisers, percussion and whatever he can lay his hands on!). This song, "Es's", is from his limited edition cassette Buffalo Songs, a tape that collates various cuts of Lynch's unreleased home recordings and demos. "Es's" is a warm potpourri of Moog synthesisers, strong percussion and sweet vocals.

Label: Goaty Tapes
Year: 2011
Genre: Folk, Experimental, Electronica, World

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