Woo - 1001 Decisions

Woo is a band made up of two brothers, Mark and Clive Ives, who have kept a low profile over their thirty year career despite recent re-issues of their first and second albums, 1982's Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong and 1989's It's Cosy Inside. This song '1001 Decisions' is from their first label-released record in over 20 years, the aptly named When The Past Arrives. '1001 Decisions' is a warm and beautiful piece that fills me with inexplicable comfort. Embracing jazz, ambient new age and low-fidelity pop, this track gives nods to Brian Eno, L. Pierre and The Caretaker - the song's crackly looping nature is reminiscent of the latter's "ballroom' jazz experiments. Woo and this song are a particular treat to stumble upon, and have opened up to me decades' worth of stunning ambience.

Label: Drag City
Year: 2014
Genre: Electroacoustic, Jazz, Ambient

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