Andy Partridge - Pink Thing

Recordings like this encapsulate the true spirit of this blog. Whilst I try and primarily post songs by acts who (for whatever reason) slipped into obscurity, it's sometimes the case that interesting rarities come from big named acts. The first ever post on this blog was a 1974 demo by The Stranglers: one of the biggest punk/new-wave acts to ever emerge out of Britain. Here, like with that post, I've got a track from a band considered '70s/'80s royalty. XTC are a group I really admire, for their arrangements, virtuosic performances and idiosyncratic songwriting. This demo of Oranges & Lemons cut 'Pink Thing' strips away the band's usually clean cut production to leave simply the songwriting genius of Andy Partridge. The song was released as part of the Fuzzy Warbles 8-part CD boxset, a collection of demos, bootlegs and general rarities, recorded almost entirely by Partridge himself. One of my Partridge favourites, the track is probably best remembered for its perverted lyrical wit ("when I stroke your head I feel a hundred heartbeats high, pink thing"). This recording is extra dirty, with its low-fidelity production adding to the track's sleaze.

Label: Ape House
Year: 1989/2004
Genre: New-Wave, Lo-Fi, Pop

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