Resonance FM 26/3/15 (The Go! Team)

The most recent episode of Dig That Treasure! on Resonance FM was a particularly special one. The show was dedicated entirely to an in-depth interview with Ian Parton from The Go! Team, my favourite band of all time (and responsible for the greatest album ever released). We discussed their new record, live set up, sampling, imagery in music, and Ian's own passion for the weird and wonderful world of obscure record collecting. I also played two brand new songs from The Go! Team's new record The Scene Between. This is one that I was extremely excited to air, and one that you don't want to miss! Big thank you to Ian for his time and wisdom.

Dig That Treasure (26/3/15)
The Go! Team - Rolodex The Seasons
Lata Mangeshkar - Ab To Hai Tumse Har Khushi Apni [extract]
The Go! Team - Yosemite Theme [extract]
Alèmayèhu Eshèté - Teye Gidyeleshime [extract]
The Go! Team - Back Like 8 Track [extract]
The Go! Team - The Art of Getting By (Song For Heaven's Gate)

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