Vagif Mustafazadeh - Roads

This is probably the first time I've really acquainted myself with the music of Azerbaijani music. Vagif Mustafazadeh (otherwise spelled Mustafa Zadeh) was a pioneer of jazz music in Azerbaijan - a country occupied by the Soviet Union for the duration of his lifetime. Because of this occupation, censorship on music was rife and Western imports were minimal. Nevertheless, Mustaafazadeh was supposedly influenced by Bill Evans, among other American jazz musicians. I can't find much online about this particular release, 'Roads', but it's the track that instantly appealed to me while exploring his music. The music is unique, at least to my ears: it's a fusion of the aforementioned American jazz influences and Azerbaijani 'mugham', a folk music.

Label: ?
Year: 197?
Genre: Jazz, Jazz-Mugham, Fusion, Traditional

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