Resonance FM 9/4/15

This show featured tunes from Azerbaijan, Japan, Benin, Bulgaria, the US and Ethiopia. I started off with Vagif Mustafazadeh's combination of mugham and American Jazz, before stopping off in Japan for a double bill of 80s pop. I span some highlife, easy-listening and Ethiopian pop, before ending with criminally overlooked vocal group The Free Design.

Dig That Treasure (9/4/15)
Vagif Mustafazadeh - Roads
Tatsuro Yamashita - Nightwing (Karaoke)
Hiroshi Satoh - This Boy
Lemed Janvier - Nazali Nayo
Angelo Mikhailov - The Three Hundred Year Itch
Ephrem Tamiru - Anech Nesh Gelay
The Free Design - Never Tell The World

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