Resonance FM 23/4/15

This episode began with a track from the upcoming Jean Jacques Perrey record, out on Freaksville in May. I then played Ziad Rahbani (whose uncle Elias I played a couple weeks back) and Ephrem Tamiru, an Ethiopian oldie who I've span on the show before. Moose Hill's beautiful stroll of a song 'Captain Coo' preceded 'Middleman', from Kiran Leonard's project Pend Orielle, before I finished with Final Fantasy's cover of Judee Sill's classic 'The Donor'.

Dig That Treasure (23/4/15)
Jean Jacques Perrey - Hectic Joker
Ziad Rahbani - Ya Ana Ya Ana
Ephrem Tamiru - Mafqer Sewnetie
Moose Hill - Captain Coo
Pend Orielle - Middleman
Final Fantasy - The Donor

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