Diveo - Ferris Wheel

This is an unusual inclusion for the blog but one that is wholly justifiable! I don't need to justify anything that I post on here, but I want to because... Well, it might be interesting. At least to me. 'Ferris Wheel' is a saccharine pop song, somewhat in the chiptune vein but also part of a wider pop subculture triggered (but not started) by the emergence of PC Music. The last couple of years have seen a tidal wave of brilliant no-fear pop songs, sweeping the underground but belonging in sound to the greater realms of chart music. However, unlike the folks over at PC Music and a few others (Le1f, Sophie, Anamanaguchi) most of this stuff goes unnoticed in both mass and indie media and instead suffers the fate of being shelved as an internet oddity before being forgotten. This is under-appreciated pop music and that's why it belongs on this blog! Let's just put it this way: if had been recorded in 1983 by a Japanese group I would have not thought twice about posting it. Anyway, Diveo's 'Ferris Wheel' is lovely and highly theatrical bubblegum pop, with a narrative split into two voices: boy dreaming of girl on ferris wheel, and girl on ferris wheel. The male voice gives a wordy rollercoaster of a verse which the girl echoes later and, huzzah, the romance is complete! As the male voice foreshadows at the beginning:"...we find out with some accidental realisation on a summer night beneath the stars where everything feels like a simulated dream but simultaneously real." Synthesizers playfully flirt with percussive pops and hi-hats behind the vocals, completing a really adventurous, modern love song.

Label: Activia Benz
Year: 2015
Genre: Pop, Chiptune, Bubblegum

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