Jeannie Piersol - The Nest

I've been away from the blog for quite a while now, having either been abroad or stressing about one thing or another. I thought it was apt to return to business with a song that I discovered this summer and one that, since my becoming aware of it, has popped up all over the shop ever since. Jeannie Piersol's 'The Nest' seems to be something of a staple in obscure music circles. It doesn't quite fit into any real classification due to it's relatively idiosyncratic production and vocals, and Piersol only released four tracks in her brief two year career, so the whole joint inevitably faded into the 'to be rediscovered when nerds start blogs' bin of record shops.

Label: Cadet Concept Records
Year: 1969
Genre: Soul, Funk


  1. Cool to find this. Jeannie and husband are good friends and great people. Still a beautiful voice but try to get a few notes from her - not easy. Her two year career was many years too short.

    1. Hi Doug, how can I contact Jeannie? This song is great and there are a few people (myself included) that would be interested in hearing more about the artist behind it!

  2. Where was Jeannie from? Chicago?