Resonance FM 9/7/15

Usually I play my music from CDs but this episode saw a venture into the land of vinyl, as I spun choice cuts from my record collection. I think it worked out really nicely, with a warm sound quality and neat segues between tracks. There were a couple of glitches (e.g. the beginning of 'Carbon' - oops!) but otherwise it was a very enjoyable show to perform live. I opened the show with an all-time favourite, Julian Lynch's 'Terra', before playing a few tracks from an impulse-bought Ed Lincoln LP. Then came a song that I've played on the show before but would play every week if that wasn't weird - Ted Chippington's deadpan cover of 'She Loves You'. Next came Ava Luna's 'Carbon' (from my favourite record of the year so far, Infinite House). Of course it would have been criminal not to play at least an extract Francis The Great's thirteen minute jam 'Ravissante Baby' - reissued for vinyl this year - before closing the show with Bill Wells's sweet and serenading 'Lemondale'.

Dig That Treasure (9/7/15)
Julian Lynch - Terra
Ed Lincoln - O Chôro Do Bebê
Ed Lincoln - Catedral
Ted Chippington - She Loves You
Ava Luna - Carbon
Francis The Great - Ravissante Baby
Bill Wells - Lemondale

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