Resonance FM 28/5/15

Starting with French psychedelic Tara King Th., this episode was a far reaching journey around the world, from the mobile phone R&B of Ivory Coast's Joskar et Flamzy to the ancient Maori gospel of Aue La Feia E. Other stops included Kenyan 'Benga' musician Daudi Kabaka and Japanese eccentric Mayumi Kojima. I also announced a new 'Dig That Treasure! presents' show: Julie Byrne and Stephen Steinbrink at Brighton Arts Club.

Dig That Treasure (28/5/15)
Tara King Th. - Ventolin
Joskar et Flamzy - Faroter
Daudi Kabaka - Pole Musa
Aue La Feia E - Pupu Himene de Maeva
Julie Byrne - Emeralds
Stephen Steinbrink - Inanimate Dust
Mayumi Kojima - Ding Ding (Doo Ron Ron)

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