Guest Post: Madjestic Kasual present... MOVE, NOURISH, INSPIRE BELIEF

Announcing a guest mix by the subversive and demiurgic Madjestic Kasual...

"We are Madjestic Kasual.

We’re an audiovisual lifestyle agency operating primarily through YouTube. We want people to eggsperience music in a newer way.

Our current inspiration constellation comprises five ✩stars✩: Malala Yousufzai, Lil B, Kofi Annan, Eckhart Tolle, and Elon Musk. Their auras permeate our every action - and our every sonic dispatch in turn.

This one has three underlying aims: to move, nourish and inspire belief. That’s why we called it “MOVE, NOURISH, INSPIRE BELIEF”. It’s optimised for movement, nourishment and belief inspiration.

So go and do those things and have them done to you."

- Madjestic Kasual

Madjestic Kasual presents...

Quavius - Magic Man
Willow - untitled A2
killavesi - tired of waiting (prod. hi tom)
SpaceGhostPurrp - Alize Music
JJJJOSUE - Dont think (so pink) feat. Gods Wisdom
Wintertime - Bout a Check (prod. Gold & Winter)
d’Eon - Samsung India Software Operations I
Black Kray - Baby Pink
BODYGUARD - Wēnquán (Excerpt 1)
yyu - teu
ANBU - Shawty (prod. Jiri11)
noctilucents - 哀 (prod. Organ Tapes)
Katie Dey - Fake Health
Eckhart Tolle on how to dissolve the Egoic Self through non-identification
Lorna Jane on what’s in her fridge
Visible Cloaks - Terrazzo (ft. Motion Graphics)
Pure X - Rain At Dawn
Ian Isiah - 247 (prod. Sinjin Hawke)

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