Resonance FM 13/9/17

Damn Will, back at it again with the new episodes of Dig That Treasure! Today's show was the first episode on Resonance FM in over two years (the last was that earth-shattering finale in July 2015). In the meantime, I did five shows on Resonance EXTRA, but this here is the first live show since the aforementioned game-changer. I opened up with a tune by Alem Kebede, from an album I picked up at Kukulu Market in Chicago last Autumn. The episode travelled through The Holiday City Hot Cha Kitchen Band (a group of gals over 52 who love to sing and kazoo), new age composer Iasos, bonkers bubblegrime by Wharfwhit and the beautiful lounge of Piero Piccioni, before ending on a cut off Princess Nicotine by Tonte Theintan.

Dig That Treasure (13/9/17)
Alem Kebede - Shemma Tal
The Holiday City Hot Cha Kitchen Band - I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover
Iasos - Lueena Coast
Wharfwhit - Elbows (Evidently Mix)
Piero Piccioni - Acapulco
Tonte Theintan - Lover Of The Winter And Snow

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