Resonance FM 27/9/17

I kicked off this episode with a great track from the master of chopped vocals, Japanese producer in the blue shirt. After a interlude of sorts by his countryman Akiko Yano (taken from the film My Neighbors The Yamadas) I returned to in the blue shirt, playing his finest tune, 'Everything Affair'. That led straight into a track from Malian DJ Sandji, before I slowed it down a little with post-manele group Raze De Soare and a lovely song by Eritrean singer Yemane Barya. I closed the show with a song by young South London sibling trio Honey Hahs, who will be performing at the first Dig That Treasure! vs. Moshi Moshi Records night on October 12th. Tickets here!

Dig That Treasure (27/9/17)
in the blue shirt - Send Around
Akiko Yano - Shut Up And Bring It Here
in the blue shirt - Everything Affair
DJ Sandji - Bacoungana
Raze De Soare - Fereastra Usa
Yemane Barya - Zemen
Honey Hahs - OK

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