Resonance FM 25/10/17

The latest episode featured tunes from France, Ethiopia and Japan, in the form of Les Maledictus Sound's somewhat offensive 'Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly', the amazing horns and vocal performances of Selamawit Yohannes' and Girma Tefera Kassa's 'Senay' and 'Man Neber Yalanci', respectively, and the romantic Hosono-related pop of Kazuhiko Kato. I also span tracks by Arabian Prince In A UK World, Wharfwhit and Aldous RH - the latter two of whom will play the next Dig That Treasure! gig on December 4th at Paper Dress Vintage. It's gonna be amazing! Tickets here.

Dig That Treasure (25/10/17)
Les Maledictus Sound - Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly
Selamawit Yohannes - Senay
Wharfwhit - Little Pebbles In My Sock (feat. Sonny)
Aldous RH - Sick & Tired
Arabian Prince In A UK World - The Feeling Of Being On A Diet
Girma Tefera Kassa - Man Neber Yalanci
Kazuhiko Kato - Gardenia

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