Resonance FM 4/10/17

I opened up the night with a great Ariel Pink deep cut 'I'm Inside R. Stevie's Brain', an ode to the outsider legend taken from his album FF (and later included on the R. Stevie Moore collaboration album Ku Klux Glam). Next up was a tune from new London producer rAHHH, who I only discovered via a housemate a few hours before the show. I then span a cut from Smithsonian Folkways album Six Boys In Trouble before a track by Japanese rock group Cymbals. Remaining in Japan, a song by Ippu-Do followed, leading into a Foster Manganyi tune (as sampled in Jessy Lanza's 'It Means I Love You'). I closed the show with the opening song from Dan Armeanca's amazing Outernational Days 2016 set. Tickets are still available for the first Dig That Treasure! vs. Moshi Moshi Records night on October 12th here!

Dig That Treasure (27/9/17)
Ariel Pink - I'm Inside R. Stevie's Brain
rAHHH - Dog Days
Six Boys In Trouble - Riding Hood Boogy Man
Cymbals - Show Business
Ippu-Do - Yomotolo Waya
Foster Manganyi Na Tintsumi Ta Tilo - I'm Taking A Journey
Dan Armeanca - ?

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