Resonance FM 21.2.18

A show of two halves (I guess). First, a great, bonkers euro-pop-reggae fusion from the Dance Dance Revolution soundtrack. Believe me, it's not as hideous as that sounds. Then, two very busy, very fast tunes from manele artist Carmen Serban and then Japanese avant-pop group Mosaic.wav. I took it down a bit after that, with a song by French collagists Gable and Addy Flor's easy-listening orchestra. I ended the show with a track from the ever-brilliant Eritrean Aron Abraham.

Dig That Treasure (21/2/18)
U1 - Make A Jam!
Carmen Serban - Am Si Eu Pe Cineva
Mosaic.wav - AKIBA-POP the Future
Gable - Ella
The Addy Flor Orchestra - Days Of Summer
Aron Abraham - Hiwet Haftey

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